“Block Chain +”, Puyin Group contributes to the financial development

Dependence between people is based on the mutual trust. Even in a strange environment, if the real identity information and related experience of the opposite party can be searched, the trust on him would be able to establish the trust endorsement of social relation chains to a certain extent and draw people closer. Such trust endorsement can be passed on through secondary social relations, and form a wider social circle. Currently, the financial industry also presents the credit development trend. Establishment of credits makes financial services more efficient and concise, and accordingly, the block chain finance emerges.

Block chain finance is actually the application of block chain technology in the financial field. Block chain is a Bitcoin-based underlying technology, which is actually a decentralized trust mechanism, maintaining a sustainable database through distributed node sharing and realizing the information security and accuracy. Consequently, this technology can be applied to resolve the trust and safety problems in transactions. Block chain technology becomes an optional direction for the future upgrading of the financial industry, and it is also now attracting the attention from financial magnates and investors.

The new block chain finance based on the block chain technology has drawn extensive attention from the traditional financial institutions and capital market due to its features of distributed sharing accounts and transparent trust mechanism. With the block chain, both transaction sides can launch economic activities without the help from a third-party credit agency, so as to reduce the cost of the global transfer of assets. Meanwhile, while promoting the standardized construction of the block chain financial industry, the country has issued related policies and regulations to support the construction and development of the block chain finance positively.

Ever since 2016, all financial magnates have launched block chain innovation projects and discussed the possibility of applying block chain technology in all financial situations. Especially, Puyin Group took the lead to create the “block chain +” standard system digital currency, in which assets have been identified, evaluated, confirmed and ensured by a third-party agency and written into the block chain through rigorous numerical algorithms, for forming a corresponding standard relationship between the asset and digital currency.

To enhance the great development and leap of block chain finance, boost the economic development in China, accelerate the global asset circulation, and realize the dreams for which generations of people have been fighting, Puyin Group would hold the strategic conference of block chain finance in Guiyang on December 9, 2016, and discuss the realization of asset digital circulation, block chain financial transaction modes and application of block chain service and social public industries. This conference will mark the implementation of block chain finance, as well as the reform and development of a brand new financial ecology.

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