Babybalu Announces New Website Launch

Chicago— Babybalu LLC is a company that has always cared about the health and safety of America’s children. To further prove their commitment, Babybalu has announced the launch of a new product review website, The site’s launch is a direct answer to parents who have been seeking a reliable source of information on the market’s most popular baby products.

It is no surprise that people are cautious when buying products for their children, especially young children and babies. With the large amount baby brands available on the physical and online markets, customers are forced to question the quality of the countless products they encounter every day. Since parents have limited time and money, they are now beginning to look to review websites to quickly determine which products are both effective and safe for their children.

Babybalu’s newly launched website,, is currently leading the charge for reviewing hundreds of baby products marketed to parents every day. Unlike other review sites which are dishonest, biased, or appealing to a commercial interest, is a site made by parents, for parents. is not sponsored by any specific product company or cause. This means their staff is able provide objective reviews on some the most popular baby products on the market. After assessing thousands of products, only publishes the best reviews on their site. This method ensures parents are purchasing quality products and not wasting time on those which are ineffective or unsafe for their children.

All product reviews from are based on testing reports from their personal lab. Other review sites claim to test products, but merely copy customer reviews already presented on retail websites such as Amazon. In turn, many of those reviews are written by commercial interests, making them biased and often untrue to begin with. With this much misinformation being spread around the web, is looking to offer customers a reliable source of product information. takes pride in producing comprehensive and trusted reviews. Their work even encourages repeat users. While most parents initially visit the site for information on a single product, they quickly begin comparing products and gaining information not previously available to them on other sites.

Beyond countless positive user reviews,’s work is also recognized by many significant news sources, such as Forbes, Lifehack, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Huffington Post. Clearly, their work is worthy of the praise.

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