Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, Psychotherapist & Author of Bestselling Book Healing without Hurting asks, How Many More Sandy Hook Massacres Before Things Change

CONNECTICUT – December 14 marks the fourth anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and mental health professional Giustra-Kozek is calling for more due diligence in our mental health paradigm to prevent future mass shootings.
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Twenty first-graders and six educators were gunned down in one of the worst mass murders in American history. Yet, years later shootings continue.

She says nothing has changed since the incident in 2012. “We are still at a loss, because the real issues affecting our mental health are still not being addressed. So, the time is now. We need a change in the way we treat mental illness in this country. Our lives depend on it.”

After counseling first responders and family members of this horrific tragedy, psychotherapist Giustra-Kozek finished her book Healing without Hurting to help bring the solution-based changes to the forefront of awareness and conversation.

With more than a decade of experience working with psychiatrists, she has come to realize medical doctors are left in the dark because their textbooks are written by pharmaceutical companies. “When it comes to health, the medical system is clueless.” “Plant medicine and nutrition puts us back on the path of wellness. Yet, these basic principles are not taught in medical school. Instead, medical professionals are trained to treat symptoms with potentially dangerous medication.

Much of this is because of the financial investments and political leanings of powerful pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, who want to keep America medicated, and sick.”
According to research firms, drug companies use the term “scientific evidence” as a political definition to control the FDA and National Institutes of Health. The companies influence investigative journalists, offering luxury trips, and high fees to speak on their behalf. They block financial contributions to testing natural solutions by using terms like “unproven treatments.” In addition, many recognizable charitable organizations are completely controlled along with Congress.

When Giustra-Kozek’s own son began exhibiting angry, obsessive-compulsive, and eccentric behaviors, she felt desperate to help him, but knew medication, the only tool in the doctor’s toolbox, had potential side-effects. This brought her to read hundreds of scientific studies about natural medicine.

There is so much research demonstrating the link between mental illness and nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. It becomes obvious that intestinal distress, autoimmune issues, food intolerance, and the exposure to food additives and environmental chemicals are to blame. Yet, our doctors still turn to potentially dangerous medication first. Many studies also demonstrate that medications can often lead to more psychotic behavior.

One study concludes that medication used to treat certain mood disorders and irritability associated with autism disorders can induce psychosis and depression in certain children. Another study finds that stimulants used in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder can induce psychosis.

Looking at Adam Lanza and others like him, we realize their profiles are hauntingly similar. First off, most were on medication for a presumed mental illness. Second, mass killers are often seen as socially isolated loners. Many have a history of struggling to connect with others and making real friends, and exhibit traits of OCD and Asperger’s Syndrome. They become obsessed with violent video games, guns and mass shootings. They are often bitter at a world. And, they believe the world is working against them.

We see their “cold, blank and vacant stare.” The lack of light reflecting from their eyes depicting health, depth, and warmth. As described by Kenneth Bock M.D. in his book, Healing New Childhood Epidemics, this is often indicative of an unhealthy individual. Often these individuals have many underlying illnesses, that never get investigated. Therefore, it is important to find a naturopathic physician or an integrative medical doctor like Dr. Bock. They treat the body, mind, and spirit. Integrative medicine makes use of all appropriate therapies both conventional and alternative. It is a healing-oriented medical approach that seeks to treat ADD/ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders and paranoia successfully without the use of medication.

Not every person diagnosed with Asperger’s or mental illness will commit such violence. However, we need to take better care of those that are diagnosed. It should be our goal to help prevent a future Sandy Hook shooting. It is time that we do better and take a deeper look at what is plaguing our youth.

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