A regular home owner redefines fencing with futuristic aluminum framed TAHOE Slipfence

TAHOE Slipfence promises a sturdy, solid, long-lasting, non-rotting, non-twisting, non-shrinking, and non-leaning fence with its sturdy aluminum make and suave woodsy looks. It’s easy to install and repair and 10x long lasting over typical fences.

Mississauga, Ontario, December 7, 2016: Fences are to ensure the security and privacy of your dream home and you definitely wish for the best protection here. Wooden fences are no doubt elegant but it’s the nasty rotting that spoil the sport end of the day. How about having a sturdy fence that can have the classy looks of wood but without the compromise on strength? Sounds utopian, right? Well, Tom Rosicki has come up with revolutionary TAHOE Slipfence that speaks of a rare combo of rich woodsy looks and robust aluminum strength and it’s guaranteed to last as many as 10x longer compared to regular fences.

Framed with aluminum, the fence WILL NOT twist, crack, rot, or warp ever and is claimed to last for 20 years at a stretch.



“TAHOE Slipfence is everything that every homeowner wishes for to ensure the optimum privacy and security of his yard and property. I am just a regular homeowner like you who was scouring the market for a ‘better fence’ and when I could not find anything fitting, I came up with the unique design of Slipfence. It’s a game-changing aluminum-framed fence which is especially designed for the homeowners to assure a sturdy, solid, long-lasting, non-rotting, and non-leaning fence. In short, it addresses almost all the issues of regular fences but still sports the desired aura of natural warm wooden fence. It’s a fence designed by one homeowner for other home-owners and hence you can be guaranteed of the high credibility quotient here”, smiled Tom Rosicki while speaking about his innovative Slipfence.



Engineered by a major American engineering firm, Slipfence can be installed easily and fast. Although Tom advised to get the first installation done by a professional yet he has also assured a simple DIY facility when it comes to small repair works.

“Installation simplicity is another watchword for us and our Slipfence is designed in tune with that only. You can assemble the entire fence by yourself and when the fence boards would start weathering, you can easily replace the old boards with new options without the help of a pro. It would just take one afternoon to freshen up your TAHOE Slipfence.”

Slipfence will be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon which is aimed at helping them buy newer dies/molds and build inventory. The campaign is geared to raise around CA$50,000.


One of the coolest bits about TAHOE Slipfence is that it’s made up of 100% recyclable aluminum. The aluminum stringers, posts & brackets used in the fence can be re-melted to their elementary form which can be further used for another new set of Slipfence.

Slipfence has received rave reviews from its customers.

“Me and my wife set the Slipfence last weekend and lots of neighbors and even passersby have stopped and remarked about its fantastic looks”, read Cathy & Steve’s happy review.

“We replaced our old fence with latest Tahoe Slipfence and it was such an improvement. It completely altered the very look of our yard, fetching in lots of generous compliments”, Kerry & Neil are another happy couple in love with Tom’s Slipfence.

To order your set of TAHOE Slipfence, visit http://www.slipfence.com


Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/eQTKlE5aRHA


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