Debuts Affordable New Lead Generation Technology Proven To Consistently Increase Sales, Revenue, And Results for Small Businesses in 2017

MERIDAN, ID – 12/7/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Move over Linked In: just in time for Christmas, upstart competitor is announcing the debut of its revolutionary new referral marketing software platform, specifically designed to ring out older, less efficient. frequently failed approaches utilized by business professionals to drum up new business, and ring in the new.

With three years of rigorous testing and development behind it,’s proven new lead generation software technology, recently nominated as a finalist for the 2016 Top Sales World Award for top marketing and sales enablement technology, will for the first time now place time-tested, reliable, consistently successful new ways for generating referrals directly into the hands of financial planners, accountants, consultants, lawyers, real estate professionals, and so many others who for decades have repeatedly suffered in despair to find better ways to automate, systematize, and convert high quality leads and referrals – on a sustainable basis.

According to referral expert Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of Business Network International (BNI), 98% of today’s businesses rely on referrals as the life-blood of their business. In fact, in its recent survey of over 1,000 business professionals, found that 76% of those questioned confirmed referrals were their #1 source of new business. Yet, only 3% of those surveyed said they had an actual system in place for generating new leads.

Additional research bears this out. According to the Harvard Business Review, 84% of business-to-business (B2B) sales start with a referral.Nielsen Media Research additionally found that 90% of people TRUST recommendations from people they know. The same survey concluded that those surveyed were 400% more likely to buy when referred by someone they knew.

“Quite simply, most busy professionals today don’t have an effective, affordable referral generation and management system in place, which is why they don’t get consistent referrals,” reports Founder and CEO Tom Gay, who himself has built and sold many profitable businesses all created to increase efficiencies for business people. “After conducting exhaustive research on Linked In and other similar referral-type sites, we concluded a substantial gap needed to be plugged, and that millions of professionals were still missing out. That’s why we created – to change all of that. We’re on our way to becoming a global network specifically designed to empower business people and revolutionize referrals for the modern professional.”

In addition to’s relationship nurturing software called Engage Pro, the company has recently introduced a free Referral Card platform that helps business people to cultivate and strengthen relationships with key contacts that encourages perfect prospects and ideal clients.

“For the first time anywhere, our newly-available software manages to liberate busy professionals by giving them simple tools to build networks of interrelated professionals called ‘trusted teams,’ that will nurture, track, and provide them with more referrals,” notes co-founder Brandon Barnum with pride, who embraces his title as “Chief Referral Officer” with equal seriousness and satisfaction. “We provide a unique, one stop, all-in-one solution that enablesbusy professionals to consistently, successfully refer and be referred. That’s why thousands of professionals in over 45 countries are already using our software, with more joining every day.”

Barnum knows whereof he speaks: using the very techniques that now champions, he built an international sales force of over 5,000 independent representatives with $0 initial capital investment that generated $4 million in its first year of operation. In fact, the entire vetted senior management team behind has generated over $1 billion in referrals to date.’s new cutting-edge “Profit Partners” program aims to teach busy professionals how to generate an extra $200,000 in annual income with just 6 referral partners. The program further reveals 17 different ways business people and their referral partners can promote each other. And it also includes invaluable tips on how to solve another key problem many business professionals commonly face today – how to successfully activate so many of their vastly underutilized Linked In connections.

“We teach people how to generate profitable new referrals from numerous clients who come pre-sold on doing business with them, while at the same time eliminating far less efficient, more costly, increasingly outmoded methods of doing business, such as cold calling, buying uncertain leads to those unfamiliar with one’s business that typically don’t work, and spending on costly, unproven advertising methods,” Barnum continues to amplify. “We also show business people how to ensure they don’t have to lower their fees to win a deal. In sum, our company helps business professionals to save money – and make money – all at the same time.”

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