évoé – The first digital cellar for wine lovers

Keep track of all your wine movements, manage your cellar anytime anywhere and get access to all information you need about your wines!

Évoé Wine Technologies, Swiss company based in Lausanne is seeking CHF 150,000 ($148,452, USD) by Jan. 02 to promote its new digital wine cellar concept. With 25 days left until the deadline in the Kickstarter.com pledge campaign, $29,860 (USD) has been collected from 106 backers.

“Who better than three wine passionates to understand the motivations of every sommelier who lives inside us?” states Mathieur Nidegger, a co-founder of évoé. “Optimize everyone’s wine cellar management system, drink each bottle at its optimal maturity, while learning on wine and sharing with friends, this is the new quest of évoé Wine Technology SA.”

The idea for the digital wine cellar was created by Jean-Pierre Rosat in 2013. Mathieu Nidegger and two other wine enthusiasts – Lorena Dumitru and Olivier Beaumont – are the management team in évoé.

Using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, users can have an automated online system for keeping track of their wine stock in addition to many other information about their wines.  The concept of placing an NFC chip on the bottom of wine bottles to better manage one’s stock of wine was first created as a product for professionals, according to Olivier Beaumont.

There are seven pledge levels with rewards in the Kickstarter campaign, valued from $5 to $689 (USD).

The “wine cellar” app will be compatible on Android phones and iOS mobile devices. Information about each bottle of wine owned by a user will be stored online. Data will be available about the research, purchase, cellar in- and output, wine tasting, rating and sharing of wines. As an additional feature, users will be notified when the wine in his/her cellar reaches maturity. 

The user can access information about their wines such as premium maturity age, alcohol content, grape variety, rating, and name of producer. The app is already available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. More will be added as the project progresses.

“Recording wine testing experience and managing your favorites, sharing your wine tasting experience with a community of wine lovers,” Mathieu Nidegger stated, ”the évoé wine companion reads an NFC chip discretely placed under the bottle, and sends the information to a mobile app connected with a professional wine database. 

“By professional database we mean that information is curated by professionals, not simply generated by users, thus providing the most reliable information. The database contains gathers data on almost 1’000’000 different vintages.”

Also the founders of the project stated that the database will be updated periodically to keep listings and information current as new wines are often developed and placed on the market.

Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1098389508/evoe-the-first-digital-cellar-for-wine-lovers?token=acc1d656 for more information or to make a pledge.

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