ServeComp Technologies Offers Digital Services for your Business

A digital business company; ServeComp Technologies, brings a complete set of digital transformation solutions for businesses. Their services helps businesses transition from conventional processes using pen and paper to doing business digitally – being on the move.

Although there are many companies offering digital business solutions to their clients, ServeComp does it differently by leveraging on Cloud technology. This allows ServeComp to merge different technologies, online tools and software available today. This translates into a sophisticated and robust offering which is always available; to help businesses run digitally whether it is based on operations or other business transactions.

Clients can opt to have a customized software or mobile app ( which is uniquely tailor for their business to improve business efficiency and productivity. By leveraging on Cloud technology and being a partner of Microsoft, ServeComp is not only able to improve efficiency and productivity of a business but also greatly reduce costs.

Besides developing customized software for businesses, ServeComp would be able to develop Mobile Apps that allows seamless integration into the system that was earlier created by them. These apps are developed by well-trained software developers who have a long experience working with cloud based system development in the industry.

Being a partner with Microsoft, ServeComp provides Office 365 and Azure licenses for businesses ( What makes ServeComp different is their ability to package managed services (through Microsoft CSP licensing) into their Azure and Office 365 solutions at the same time allowing clients to be billed monthly instead of a large lump sum yearly cost. This allows clients to save costs as licenses are only billed based on monthly usage. Meaning if the usage for this month is 30 users, the bill would only be for 30 users and if it drops to 10 the following month, clients would only need to pay for 10 users. This applies the same for Azure as well – by charging clients based on consumed amounts. No more top up issues or risks in loss of service when your credit runs out. As a CSP partner for both their Azure and Office 365 services, Servecomp would be able to provide direct escalation to Microsoft thus greatly reducing the turn-around time for any rectification of issues.

Another part of their digital service is domain hosting and IT consultancy. Their servers can be relied upon to keep client websites up and running with little to no down time. Users can also utilize their IT consultancy services to gather ideas or solutions for existing or future systems.

Aside from the Microsoft support ServeComp provides clients, they have their support tool available on their website. Users would be able to download their support tool during any issues and remote assistance would be on its way. This is a way to keep businesses connected and have quick turn-around for problem rectifications.

ServeComp’s website ( have been very informative in terms of providing resources for businesses looking to digitally transform their process norms. Contact ServeComp’s office for more information about their services and how to engage on their available solutions by visiting here

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