Seegrid Vision Technology to Hit the Road According to CNBC

Seegrid, the leader in three-dimensional vision navigation, tells CNBC in a feature video that its proprietary sensor technology is ready for the road.

Jim Rock, CEO of Seegrid, shared with CNBC, “We take an ordinary industrial truck and outfit it with our hardware and our proprietary software; this allows the robots to see the world around them. They run in very complex and dangerous environments moving very heavy loads and we have done this for nearly 500,000 miles in actual consumer production environments with no accidents.”

Jeff Christensen, Seegrid vice president of products added, “I firmly believe that computers and sensors are safer drivers than humans, both on the factory floor and public roads. Many of our clients in industrial automation are in automotive manufacturing, so there is a natural fit for us to be talking with our customers that could be future partners.”

Seegrid Vision sensors enable vehicles to see the world just like humans do. Seegrid has a prototype to test its sensors outside of a manufacturing facility and will be exploring partnerships with automakers to get its sensors out on the road.  

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About Seegrid

Seegrid (, the pioneer and leader in three-dimensional vision navigation, provides unique and revolutionary automation technology for materials handling. Engineered with state-of-the-art Seegrid Vision, industrial trucks are transformed into the next generation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs): vision guided vehicles (VGVs). VGVs navigate without wires, lasers, magnets, or tape and they deliver unmatched flexibility. Designed for simplicity and reliability, the Seegrid flexible automation solution is available in a line of pallet trucks and tow tractors.

Experience the maximum benefits of VGVs with Seegrid Supervisor to manage, monitor and control a fleet of vehicles within the context of your operation. Generating economic advantages and operational efficiencies, VGVs optimize workflow processes, increase productivity and throughput, and reduce labor and operating costs, all while improving workplace safety, reducing equipment and product damage, and delivering a rapid return on investment.

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