Quality as Strategic Asset and Competitive Differentiator According to Magline

Magline proves that innovation and quality is strategic asset and competitive differentiator. More organizations in 2016 viewed quality as a strategic asset and competitive differentiator when compared with 2013; sadly the majority of organizations do not know or do not measure the financial impact of quality, according to a new report by ASQ, the leading global authority on quality in all fields, organizations, and industries.

According to the Global State of Quality Research: Discoveries 2016 report, 36 percent of survey respondents said their organization views quality as a strategic asset and competitive differentiator, up from 22 percent in the inaugural Global State of Quality Research of 2013.

The increase in organizations viewing quality as a competitive differentiator and strategic asset is a positive shift from organizations that simply view quality as a compliance, or check-the-box activity. In 2016, 14 percent of survey participants said their organizations view quality as simply a compliance activity, compared with 22 percent in 2013.

The ASQ research examines the state of quality and continuous improvement worldwide, providing organizations with insights into gaps and opportunities. Magline’s innovation initiative supports these new data which allows organizations to benchmark quality and continuous improvement programs against other high-performing quality organizations.

ASQ and its research partner, analyzed responses from nearly 1,700 participants worldwide, identifying world-class organizations that possessed the strongest end-to-end quality practices. Magline has always quantified innovation and quality since 1947.

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About Magline:

As a leader in the material handling industry, Magline, Inc. (www.magline.com) is committed to creating innovative solutions that help people transport materials more safely and efficiently. For nearly seven decades, this commitment translates to creating exceptional products and service experience earning long-term customer loyalty. Magline, the manufacturer of the innovative CooLift® Delivery System and the new LiftPlus™ technology, designs solutions to help companies move more product in less time, safely.

Magline understands the unique material handling requirements of product movement and remains at the forefront of designing aluminum equipment worldwide.  With a strong dealer base in North America, as well as global presence, Magline offers implementation consulting and solutions for reducing service times and lean time-saving delivery solutions. Dynamic leadership ensures the Michigan-based manufacturer is consistently introducing innovative products and services, driven by customer needs and industry insights. Magline’s industry knowledge and expertise has evolved into a compelling customer value proposition. Follow Magline on Twitter @MaglineInc.

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