Brice Remaley Fitness is Revolutionizing Personal Training in Houston

Houston, TX— Brice Remaley, an experienced and proven fitness expert, is making headlines for the amazing results his training regime is providing his clients with. With over a decade of experience, he is working in various areas to deliver a comprehensive program that is helping people, showcasing his skills as a renowned Houston personal trainer.

Remaley has a long history with fitness. He suffered a head injury in 1999 that put him into a coma for a week, leaving him physically unable to do many fitness activities. Finding inspiration in the misfortune that befell him, he began engrossing himself in fitness and starting running marathons and teaching spin. Finding passion in fitness, he says, “I love working with others to improve their quality of life through hard work and dedication.”

His methodologies are centered on working with people to move their body correctly, and are less catered toward those who are seeking guidance on entering a fitness competition or aiming to lose more than 50 pounds. In fact, his teachings are predicated on training people the appropriate ways to deadlift, squat, and sprint, as he argues these are the best ways to coach the body in proper movement patterns. Deeming these tactics as ‘functional exercise’ his claim is that the movements he teaches have real world application and that they are what will make their body safer or stronger.

To add to his controversial training, he also places vast importance on flexibility and mobility by incorporating yoga and pilates into his coaching. This allows people to gain a better range of motion, helping them to move more pain-free.

Remaley’s unconventional approach to getting his clients into shape and altering their daily lifestyle is causing a stir among everyone that encounters his methods as a Houston personal trainer. Of the many testimonials on his site, Nicole B.’s claims echo everyone’s when she says, “I have been working out with Brice for almost 4 years. I have seen my body go through a physical transformation, and my mind go through a mental one! All positive!!!”

Based on what he is offering to the citizens of Houston and his different approach to handling people, Remaley seems to be catapulting his program to the masses. Using a variety of components like kettlebells, TRX suspension training, Crossfit, body weight training, and much more, there seems to be something for everyone to gain by working with him.

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