Super Real Business launches new cooler with built-in speakers

New York City – Everywhere you go, people are attempting to combine the best of modern conveniences with timeless outdoor adventuring. Whether it’s taking care of mosquitoes and other pests, managing the temperature, or supplying yourself with a steady supply of shade, people everywhere are trying to make the outdoors a little more like being inside. One cornerstone of being at home is the ability to play any music you like at any volume from an easily-accessible location. Super Real Business attempts to meet those needs with their new 2017 Rager Cooler—a cooler with speakers.

There exist a wide variety of companies that work solely toward the goal of helping their customers enjoy the outdoors. Due to their rush to development the new, faddish technology, many of the products that these larger companies develop are plagued with a plethora of shortcomings. Since the types of products they make aren’t really built to last or be used repeatedly over the years, they can begin to fall apart after only hours of combined usage. Eventually, consumers are forced to either spend extra money fixing the product, or they have to give up on the idea altogether.

With Super Real Business’s speaker cooler, they hope to combine the best of all possible worlds. New technology that isn’t yet widely available is used in the cooler, but they claim their superior craftsmanship and design are what allow the cooler to be used a countless number of times before performance is affected in the slightest. What Super Real Business hopes to offer with this product is a solution to those who love the outdoors as well as a controlled music-playing station. With a Bluetooth-enabled system attached to a lightweight but spacey design, this speaker cooler has potential to be this season’s hottest-selling gift.

“This cooler with speakers is capable of much more than what you might suppose a cooler with such technology built-in is,” explained a representative of the company. “What you have here is Bluetooth-enabled, full-range removable speakers that come with a USB Lithium charged battery capable of holding an over 4 hour long charge.”

Right now, the 2017 Rager Cooler is well-reviewed from its purchasers and quickly flying off the shelves—as is evident from a quick glance at Super Real Business’s online store where they offer the product. Usually a $109.00 investment, it’s being offered at only $79.00 just in time for the holiday season. Whether or not the new cooler with speakers will continue to grow in popularity or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, Super Real Business is proud of their new product and intends to continue to flaunt its technology.

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