The Clement Canopy Offers Discounted Price for State-of-the-art Residential Condos

Singapore— The Clement Canopy is a modern residential condominium currently under construction by the highly acclaimed developers, Singland Homes and UOL Venture Investments. The spacious property is centrally location near many schools and just one MRT stop from the Jurong Lake District, the second largest business district in all of Singapore. With 460 spacious units currently under development, The Clement Canopy has become one of the most highly anticipated modern condos in the area. Though the prices for these valuable units are expected to rise after construction is complete, The Clement Canopy is currently offering an unbeatable discount for many apartments and homes during the development stages—creating an outstanding investment opportunity for those in the market for a new property.

As part of Singapore’s Government Land Sales project, the 14,000 square foot land tender for The Clement Canopy was purchased in 2016 by Singland Homes and UOL Venture Investments. The developers teamed up to purchase this property for a top bid of $302.1 million. Both Singland Homes and UOL Venture Investments have received much praise on past projects, which included residential properties, malls, commercial offices, and other developments both throughout Singapore and on an international scale. With two highly reputable developers working on this project, local property investors have keyed in on The Clement Canopy as one of the most valuable upcoming real estate investments in the area.

Once complete, The Clement Canopy’s condos will span two 40 foot towers with beautiful vistas of the surrounding area. In addition, its central location makes the property a great place for families. Located adjacent to the Clementi Town Centre, future residents will be able to enjoy the many shopping, dining, and indoor and outdoor activities the city has to offer. The Clement Canopy is also in close proximity to many top rated schools, including Pei Tong Primary School, the NUS High School of Mathematics & Science, and the National University of Singapore. One local praised the area, explaining “this community if full of life”.

Besides the many leisure activities available to residents of The Clement Canopy, the condo is also conveniently located near the central business district, with government projects underway to optimize the MRT for even faster transportation.

With its state-of-the-art condos and its central location, The Clement Canopy has attracted the attention of many top investors. However, as the property is still in the development stages, those looking to invest early can take advantage of the current discounts before prices rise in the future.

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