Trump Settles with Relentless Southern California Attorney

LOS ANGELES, CA – 12/8/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — When he’s not Tweeting incendiary off-the-cuff remarks at critics and members of the intelligentsia, President-elect Donald “Never Settle” Trump has often brashly stated that he won’t settle lawsuits outside of court. This is a claim that has been illuminated in the past few weeks because he has recently agreed to settle a sizeable  Trump University fraud lawsuit for $25 million dollars stemming from his defunct for-profit real estate education venture, putting to rest a multitude of fraud allegations by former students so as to not interfere with his taking and/or remaining in office.

“I settled the Trump University lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award because as President I have to focus on our country,” Trump stated over a surely carefully-crafted tweet. Trump keeps a very active presence on Twitter, the social media platform, which is a first for one who has  held the position of Commander in Chief. Only a few days after winning the electorate in a shocking victory over Hillary Clinton, Trump has made tactical  efforts to wipe his slate as clean as possible so that none of his many pending legal matters might interfere with his task of taking over the presidency.

Both fraud and settling out of court are two things that Donald Trump has been no stranger to in the past, even before he decided to make his run for  the white house. Back in 2013 Donald Trump settled a lengthy dispute where he was mutually sued along with co-developers Jason Grosfeld and Adam Fisher, principals at Irongate Wilshire LLC.

Trump argued Grosfeld should shoulder 100% of the plaintiffs’ claims; 198 prospective buyers who claimed over $22 million in lost deposits when the project failed in 2008. Buyers who signed a contract with Trump-Irongate agreed to put down 30 percent of their unit’s inflated purchase price. Plaintiffs were represented by Daniel J. King, a tenacious trial lawyer with a long track record of high profile successes in the courtroom.

Trump had gone on record in an October 2006 interview that the Trump Organization would be a “significant” player, an equity investor in the over $200 million dollar project

The concept was a glitzy coastal condo-hotel-resort project along the Tijuana-Ensenada strip known as the Gold Coast. Following up their joint project on Waikiki Beach, Trump and Irongate joined forces to market the Trump Ocean Resort Baja, with Donald Trump’s face plastered all over marketing materials.  Trump had even made a promotional video for the Project with Donald, Jr. and daughter, Ivanka, who both touted their involvement, both claiming they’d purchased units themselves, which proved to be false.

Trump and Irongate both allegedly reported in numerous marketing materials that they had secured financing and permits for the project when in fact, unbeknownst to the buyers,  Tijuana’s Urban Development Department had no application on file for Irongate and Trump.

The furthest that Trump and Irongate were able to bring the process along before the project began to fail in 2008 was a well-dug hole in the ground. But if Trump was involved in putting a hole in the ground along the scenic Gold Coast, it must have been the most amazing hole to ever to be dug anywhere.

After all the “experts” and pundits told the defrauded buyers that they were simply out of luck, and that they would lose all their monies, Daniel King was able to figure out ways to go after Trump for violations of US federal statutes and to base his client’s case on blatant fraud. A  lengthy battle in the courts was ahead, with Trump refusing to settle throughout the battle.  Finally, after five years of brutal litigation, Trump himself finally settled with King and his buyer clients just before the Court was to set a hearing on Mr. King’s Motion for “Summary Judgment.”  The filing of this Motion put a substantial amount of pressure on Trump in that if the Motion had been successful, based on the  exhaustive and substantial evidence that proved to be overwhelming, the  Court would have rendered judgment against the Trump parties… even without trial.

With summary judgment looming, Mr. King was finally able to obtain a settlement from the Trump defendants on behalf of his victorious clients.


Daniel J. King is a decorated and established legal expert who has worked with many different industries and enterprises, serving as either defense or prosecution in nearly 1,000 litigated matters. He has gained distinction for his intuitive understanding of diverse strategies in settling disputes both inside and outside of the courtroom. Visit or call (310) 494-6355 if you believe you’d benefit from representation by Daniel J. King.

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