Brash3D revolutionized Simex 2016

The leading company Brash3D was present at the simulation exercise at Simex 2016, Colombian edition, through developed sectorization activities in virtual and augmented reality, with the goal to prepare rescue groups for environmental disasters.

From September 26 to 30, the Simex 2016 simulation exercise was held in Bogotá, where Brash3D had the honor to carry out two applications to modernize and renovate the experience of the exercise of its sectorization activities. It made use of augmented reality and virtual reality for the UNGRD (National Unit for the Management of Risks and Disasters).

Thanks to Brash3D presence, they were able to update to the latest methods of visualization of sectorization activities, making use of innovations and state of the art technology, thus making Colombia the first host of the Simex that uses these technologies for this purpose throughout Latin America.

National and international participants met at Simex 2016, to put into action plans, procedures, protocols, and work methodologies to improve the response capabilities in case of an earthquake. This exercise is led by the United Nations, and an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 on the Richter scale was simulated.

This way, they also seek to improve the working skills with the international community, should a disaster require humanitarian aid.

Brash3D reinforces its commitment to the country by demonstrating that virtual reality and augmented reality can be used for the common good, in this particular case, for a seismic event preventive preparation. Brash3D has over seven years of experience in the application of new technologies, which makes them one of the leading companies of its kind in Latin America. Their knowledge, innovation and technological development make them an strategic ally for advertising agencies, media centers, and companies.

This is the first development of its kind to be used in the capacitation of rescue groups. Simex 2016 was attended by rescue groups from 26 countries in the continent. In this way, Brash3D showed once again its great potential to carry out projects of high technological content.

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