Young Celebrity Artist is Overthrowing the Masters of Art

Something that modern masters of art like Pablo Picasso, and Mark Rothko took a lifetime to achieve, Joe Papagoda (b. 1992) is already accomplishing due to his amazing ability to capture the archetypes of the ages and express them with a compelling insight and bold style. Papagoda’s explosive talent has set the art world on fire and he is being dubbed the next big thing by critics and collectors alike. Many have simply called him a “genius” as his art becomes a worthy addition to any collector’s portfolio. Local, as well as international art collectors are keenly seeking his artwork, which ranges from brilliantly colored acrylics to evocative photographs, and emotive clay sculptures.

Papagoda’s most prominent series of abstract paintings, “Myths”, are already collected in most major cities in the USA. Loosely based on ancient myths and legends that evoke an expressive power, without relying on figurative suggestions, Myths is a timeless modern body of work which is allegorical. His other notable series of paintings include “Wanderlust” and “King’s Gold.”

Recently, Hotel Tilden has collaborated with Papagoda, describing Papagoda as a celebrated artist ( he is currently working on a 65 foot mural entitled “The Sake of Serenity.” The acrylic on canvas painting, will feature Papagoda’s custom mix of fluid paints combined with the traditional method of applying paint with a brush and a poured paint technique.

Building upon the foundation of the American lead art movement known as Abstract Expressionism, Joe Papagoda has developed his own direction of timeless and powerful expressions combined with contemporary art styles for the ultimate effect that have evolved into a reflection of his own authentic persona. Often creating artworks which are allegorical and timeless, his signature style includes color dominated fields of pure colors evoked by fluid composition and organic elements of abstraction that are able to evoke an expressive power that serve in part as a mechanism meant to empower creative vision in the mind of the viewer.

Joe Papagoda has museum quality print editions offered by Art Star gallery, a blue chip online gallery with offices in New York City. (

Joe Papagoda sells his own artwork on ArtFinder (

About: Joe Papagoda (b.1992) is a versatile artist in multiple media—paint, sculpture, photography—he captures the archetypes of the ages and expresses them with compelling insight and bold style. For more information, please visit:

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