Elvira Kalnik releases new song “I met you on Christmas”, based on a true story

Captivating song with heartwarming lyrics delivers the right mood for the season

Today, Elvira Kalnik is proud to announce the release of her new song, “I met you on Christmas.” The new song, which is based on a true story, provides an insight into the singer’s personal experience in her journey of life. I met you on Christmas is an electronic dance song with inspirational and moving lyrics that delivers a personal experience in a most creative way. Fans can listen to the song on SoundCloud and BandCamp or purchase on iTunes.

“I met you on Christmas is a true story about a memorable event in my life. I wanted my fans to relate to an experience in my life, and have a feel of my soul. It doesn’t matter what the situation is; it is always nice to have a good time. The song delivers a kind of emotion that can provoke excitement and fun,” said Elvira Kalnik.

I met you on Christmas is a great song for the Christmas season and beyond. It is something new, and unique, which the fans can listen to, repeatedly without getting tired of it. Elvira Kalnik, yet again, delivers a beautiful piece combining great lyrics and sound, with the most creative endeavor.

“Listening to I met you on Christmas brings back memories of great times. Since I found it, I haven’t stopped listening to it. I love the sound more as it cools my spirit and triggers my imagination. Elvira Kalnik is a great talent. I will be looking forward to more of her works in the future”, said Angela B, a fan.

Fans can also enjoy watching the musical video YouTube and Vimeo , which shows Elvira Kalnik character in a Christmas theme background.

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