Atomic Coin: New Perspective for New Prospects

Decentralized and Most Security Cryptocurrency for Funding

“Thousands of Research Labs and Universities are contacting to use Atomic Coin for their Funding because of its Decentralized & Most Secure Nature.”

United States – December 9, 2016: Atomic Coin has announced that it will be expanding its network and financial activities to facilitate the process of decentralized peer-to-peer payment. Atomic coin will be an all new form of cryptocurrency and will not be a bitcoin but will be a stronger and newer altcoin. The number of users for atom coin are increasing and the atomic project is changing the concept of cryptocurrency worldwide.

The atomic project is run by a support team of a decentralized crypto currency proponents and supporters of altcoins who have had enough with the centralized currencies and financial rip-offs. There are several research labs and Universities from China, Russia, and Turkey who are going to invest in this crypto currency and most of them have already started to invest. With more than 50,000 downloads, 5000+ supporters, 300 languages that have been detected so far and more than 40,000 happy clients, the success rate of the coins is already reaching its peaks.

ATOM is here to bring new perspective to discover new frontiers. Main goal is growing, stable and global decentralized peer-to-peer payment network. Since there is no premine and coins will be distributed fairly. We are looking for active community. Atomic will not follow ordinary pump and dump process like most of new coins these days.”  Says the website of Atomic Project. Atomic Coin is going to let the universities and research groups along with several other ventures use this crypto currency for their venture funding and it will help many people including students and researchers around the world.

The process of using atomic coin cryptocurrency is quite simple. The sender can buy ATOMIC COIN from any verified ATOMIC COIN Exchange and send the coin to the receiver. The transaction will be verified easily as Every Atomic Coin Transaction is verified by Network Connected Nodes called Miners. As soon as the miners confirm transaction, the receiver will get a coin in his wallet. Followed by that, the receiver can go to any verified Atomic Coin Exchange and sell his coin to get his money.

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