Nutmeg Real Estate in New Britain Buys Local Homes Without Commission Costs

It can be frustrating to sell a property for the best price when around every corner one has to deal with a realtor and the steep 6% commission.

New Britain, CT – It can be frustrating to sell a property for the best price when around every corner one has to deal with a realtor and the steep 6% commission. Many people who sell a property are doing so because they urgently need the money. In many cases, homeowners who decide to sell are looking to pay to put their children through college, struggling to settle their debt, migrate to another city or even a different country because of work. With a relatively uncertain market today getting a good buyer is tedious – so try Nutmeg Real Estate a community oriented company that understands the value of being able to sell a home without having to worry about paying commissions.

“It is simply unrealistic to have clients sell you their property at a loss or unfair price just to earn commission,” says Eugene from Nutmeg real Estate. Every American today knows the real estate market has recovered and prices are not half bad. Certainly, the industry suffered for several years and financial institutions have for a number of years left many seeking properties secured finance in the cold. Nevertheless, it would be untrue to ignore the many homeowners who successfully found alternative sources of finance such as peer-to-peer financing. There is no denying difficulty in accessing the property secured finance contributed a great deal to pricing and high commissions charged on sales.

Nutmeg Real Estate is a local company consisting almost entirely of New Britain residents. They are in touch with local issues and prices. At the same time it is one of the Company’s objectives to actively maintain a high level of integrity that ensure clients are always satisfied. They believe and are committed to steering clear of cutthroat business practices that would satisfy unrealistic expectations. Unlike banks or other cartels that may insist on repairs before buying their property, they purchase as it is. Other than the standard valuation and service fees, all their property sales are completed with no commission just to ensure that the seller receives top dollar.

Call today for an accurate valuation and make the most of selling a property. In an earnest drive geared to restore faith in local real estate, Nutmeg decided to stop charging the 6% commission charged by many competing realtors. Nutmeg Real Estate is one of the few companies that have dedicated themselves to walking the road to recovery. It is a tough choice though, but they have faith; since starting this marketing initiative, they have seen some very impressive responses, introduced some clients to reliable alternatives and the future looks bright.



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