Skin Research Institute\’s Rejuvelix Anti Wrinkle Cream New Offer For First Time Buyers

“Skin Research Institute is now offering their popular anti wrinkle product Rejuvelix for a 30% discounted price. Valid or the first time users of the product, this attractive special deal can be enjoyed just by signing up at the website of Rejuvelix.”

The biggest holiday shopping season of the year has already started, and businesses all over the country are doing their best offer something special to their customers. Skin Research Institute has just joined the bandwagon by introducing a lucrative promotional offer for the first time buyers only, of their popular anti wrinkle formula Rejuvelix. Just by signing up at the website of the product, all first time buyers will be able to take home this high-quality anti aging formulation for a 30% discounted price.

Skin Research Institute is a team of scientists and skincare professionals dedicated to creating products that provide protection against the signs of aging.  After years of scientific study and research, the team has come up with Rejuvelix. This product not only slows down the development of fine lines and age spots, but also reverses the look of deep wrinkles. Powered by its advanced retinol formula, Rejuvelix delivers results that are comparable to that of the highly expensive qnd invvasive cosmetic surgeries. Users of this product have reported numerous benefits including reduction of wrinkles, dark spots, and blotches, and skin tightening/repairing.

Rejuvelix is a combination of a number of ingredients with clinically established skincare benefits. One of its prime ingredients Gatuline In-Tense is proven to reduce wrinkles and sagging. Another ingredient of the product, Trylagen resists the formation of wrinkles by supporting the process of skin production and collagen organization. Glucare S is another top ingredient of Rejuvelix that helps the process of skin repairing, resisting skin damage and aging.

Skin Research Institute recommends the application of Rejuvelix twice a day in the morning and at night or when the skin feels dry. Most of the users suggest that they have started noticing positive outcomes within just one week of use, with maximum rsults within 6-12 weeks of continued use. Announcing the attractive discount offer for the first time users, a senior official from Skin Research Institute said, “ We are pleased to offer a 30% discounted price for all our first time customers. Just visit the website and sign up by entering your name and email address.”

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About Rejuvelix: Rejuvelix is an anti-aging product from Skin Research Institute that has been manufactured utilizing the findings of the latest research. This product has already helped many users look younger by eliminating the common symptoms of aging. 





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