Use Boakquet to Create Your Personalized, Infused Wine or Spirit

The average person spends between $9 to $24 on a bottle of wine or spirit. Many of these wines and spirits are mass produced and don’t have the care and attention that an expensive vintage can afford to take. Now you can turn a mass produced wine or spirit into a rare, one-of-a-kind drink, you won’t find in any store (All in the time it takes for your company to arrive).

Introducing Boakquet, the world’s fastest oaking, infusion and filtration vessel. Long oaking periods and infusion times are a thing of the past. Now, premium results can be achieved in as little as 3 hours. Lightly oak your wine or spirit adding sweet notes of caramel and oak flavour. Looking for a sweeter finish, add fresh fruit, herbs and spices for a more complex finish. Boakquet’s patent pending filter (sold as a separate accessory) will smooth out any spirit providing your palette a high quality taste and finish.

Boakquet’s patent pending design consists of multiple pieces including the stainless steel body, the interchangeable oak dowel and removable infuser. All materials are sourced from industry leading suppliers and have been tested to produce the perfect flavor and accent to your wine or spirit. It’s fun, creative and uniquely you, all with the same bottle of wine or spirit you’ve always purchased!

You can now order your own Boakquet through Indiegogo.  When you reserve your Boakquet, you may choose perks like a stainless steel funnel, Contributor Certificate, medium toasted dowel, filtration system, branded tasting shot glasses, carrying case, or purifier.  There has been enormous interest in these new infusion products, so reserve your own Boakquet right away! To learn more about Boakquet or to order your very own, please visit

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