“Prepare Yourself Against The Coming Apocalypse” By Justice Anonye – Heeding To The Divine Call On The Brink Of Apocalypse

DALLAS TEXAS, USA, DECEMBER, 9, 2016 – Handwritings of God Productions, today announced “Prepare Yourself Against the Coming Apocalypse,” a book that the Lord wants to be written in this era and the author of this book, Justice Anonye took it to the task.

Based on individual deeds that prompt God to either bless or punish, this book primarily focuses on how that God’s will is in application, which is all the more critical in this time frame when Armageddon is fast approaching. The book expounds clearly that God is all round merciful, loving and mostly forgiving – even though acts that evoke God’s wrath are done that will strip the merit to enter heaven before God’s eyes. However, if one comes up with the conscience and the will which is translated into action to change the wrong they made into something that gains approval from the Lord, then the all-merciful God will lead them and show them how to go about their way to please Him.

Justice Anonye, a young man whom the Lord shone His divine grace on to overcome many despondent odds including suicide, wrote “Prepare Yourself Against the Coming Apocalypse” to reach out into the deepest corners of life in an encompassing way so that it leaves no stone unturned, taking God’s words and putting them on a platter for the nourishing of the spiritual self. And this inspiration indisputably is the major purpose of this book – that all may live in accordance with the laid down divine values, so as to avoid a fall now and rejection in the end due to a wrong approach toward these ethics. Since it is stalwartly believed by most disciples today that they are doing well spiritually whereas those divine principles, which should have earned them that assumption if they are fearfully kept, have they cast behind them. “Prepare Yourself Against the Coming Apocalypse” is a reminder of one’s own mortality and the awareness that life on earth is fleeting, thence should be lived in accordance with God’s ethereal will.

Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, in the light of this book, stated: “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” Through the wisdom of his understanding on the subject of spiritual matters, is also perceived how misleading in some cases spirituality could be; that is when complacency and self-importance becomes superior, and for this reason, he cautioned followers to rather mirror themselves on a daily basis on the godly standard set before them by God in humility. The grace of God will shine on those who realize their duties to humanity in this finite world.

This book in effect aims not only to heighten spirituality, but also to illuminate the spirituality so that it becomes clearer for those believers who want to be in preparation to face God’s original plan for humanity. Also, the explanation that curses of all kinds arise when disobedience to the law gets perpetrated is done so eloquently in “Prepare Yourself Against the Coming Apocalypse.”

This book also serves as a guide on how to recognize and then refrain from any action that has the potential to attract those unwanted curses in the forms of physical and spiritual that will put a dent on the journey of the God endorsed spiritual path. Biblical characters from the Old and New Testaments are reflected on in this book – comparison of the biblical ‘characters’ actions as opposed to the behavior of people currently, is juxtaposed. Justice Anonye also articulates the ramifications of their not in line with divinity actions.

In an encapsulation, “Prepare Yourself Against the Coming Apocalypse” book is eye opening in the matter of spiritual secrets, keeping people in various statuses and positions on their toes. And it is also presented as a divine tool of warning to many with respect to relevant spiritual issues they have ignored to mean less important. This book also sets a tone that righteousness is the savior of this world laden by injustices and wicked temptations.

“Prepare Yourself Against the Coming Apocalypse” is Justice Anonye’s first book by the determination of God.

In the year 2014, he founded the “Handwritings of God Productions,” a medium established to convey the inspired and unadulterated truth about God to the world with a mission to shield souls from destruction.

Due to the urgency of the message herein in this book, all are required to obtain their copies and begin their journey of ‘knowing’ and ‘exposition to spiritual secrets’ in preparation for the Lord’s return.

Justice Anonye is a native of Ghana in West Africa; he studied and graduated from the University of Cape Coast with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology, in Ghana. As a devout Christian, Justice took on himself to author this book to bring together Christians to be fully aware of their ephemeral time here and prepare themselves for the hereafter and it’s his fervent hope that the book will greatly pave way to Christian Consciousness in people.


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