Oscar-qualified and critically-acclaimed film ‘Olympic Pride, American Prejudice’ announces national release

Coinciding with the December 1935 decision to participate in the Berlin Olympics, ‘Olympic Pride, American Prejudice’ announces its December 6, 2016, release on DVD and digital and streaming platforms nationwide, including iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, PlayStation Network, GooglePlay, Dish and more

ATLANTA, GA – 12/9/2016 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — On the heels of its Oscar qualification, “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” today announced its nationwide release across digital and streaming platforms as part of the film’s continued commitment to sharing the stories of 18 little-known African-American Olympic heroes who defied the intolerance and racism of Jim Crow and Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Olympic Games.

“Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” is the social justice feature documentary produced and directed by Deborah Riley Draper alongside narrator and executive producer, Blair Underwood.

“To us, there is no more important story to tell, exploring issues of race, gender, and class, and the most important discussion we can have right now,” Draper said. “We believe in the power of storytelling to create empathy and change minds. These 18 African-American Olympians tell an incredible American story, and they are the right characters to carry that message.”

Hailed by critics, “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” is available on iTunes, Amazon (DVD and VOD), Comcast Xfinity, Vudu, PlayStation Network, GooglePlay, Microsoft, YouTube, Vimeo and Dish. Streaming also will be available on multiple cable and television networks in the U.S. and Canada.

“We are committed to ensuring as many people as possible know and see this film this year,” Underwood said. “We set out to make a film to inspire people around the idea of conscious bias and inclusion, and we were in turn inspired when our efforts enabled the families of these heroes to be recognized by President Obama at the White House, an honor that was 80 years in the making. That is how powerful and emotional this story is.”

The feature documentary was also an official selection at the Los Angeles Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival and Cambridge (UK) Film Festival. Recently, “Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” was screened at the National Portrait Gallery following the family members’ visit to the White House, as well as at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, Indiana University, and the University of Southern California.

“Olympic Pride, American Prejudice” presents a riveting account of the journey of young African-American male and female athletes in the 1930s vying for a chance to represent America in Nazi Germany. Interviews in the film include Ambassador Andrew Young, Carl Lewis, NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas, National Museum of African American History and Culture Director Lonnie Bunch, as well as family members, academics, Olympians and German witnesses.

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