New Self-Help Book “You Will Thrive” Is The Fix to Modern Dissatisfaction

Publisher Bennion Kearny is delighted to announce the publication of “You Will Thrive: The Life-Affirming Way to Work and Become What You Really Desire”. Aimed at readers who have lost their spark or the passion for what they do, its no-nonsense and to-the-point guidance will help individuals to make bolder career choices that carry more meaning and lead to greater fulfilment.  

Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom (09 December 2016). Author Jag Shoker is a man on a mission. A mission to help people reconnect with the purpose and meaning of life. As a performance coach who has gained a stellar reputation with high profile professionals, he brings his wisdom and experience to bear on the unhappiness and disenchantment of modern living and the proverbial rat race. In his latest book, “You Will Thrive”, Jag concisely details six steps that will guide readers towards moving forward in their lives with positive and profound results. Each headline step is expanded upon in the book with real-life experiences, derived from years of personal understanding and working with clients.

  1. Seek the Way ahead that matters
  2. Do what you love to open up the Way
  3. Keep the faith when life tests you
  4. Now decide who you are going to be
  5. Earn the right to get ahead
  6. Master the Way to express yourself

Jag explained: “You Will Thrive addresses the subject of modern disillusionment. It is essential reading for people looking to make the most of their talents and be something more in life. Something that matters. Something that makes a difference in the world.” He added: “This is a book that has been written ‘from the heart to the heart’.”

Book details

You Will Thrive: The Life-Affirming Way to Work and Become What You Really Desire

ISBN: 978-1910515662

Published 8 November 2016

118 pages in paperback format

Print and eBook versions available.

About The Author.

Jag Shoker is a leading performance coach to professionals in the world of business, sport and entertainment. He is also the author of the acclaimed book “The 7 Masters Moves of Success”. In “You Will Thrive” he calls upon his own remarkable experience of following the Way and his years of experience in helping others to pursue it to much greater effect.

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