IVC Filter Lawsuits Continue To Grow In Volume

Seattle WA – IVC filter law suits are continuing to gather pace before the bellwether lawsuits which are scheduled to commence in 2017. There are a wide range of lawsuits being launched with C.R Bard another manufacturer of IVC filters being another major target for lawyers. The allegations include negligence and the manufacture of a defective product.

IVC filters (Inferior Vena Cava) were initially designed to help the body defend itself against potential life-threatening blood clots. Patients who were designed to be at high risk of blood clots but for clinical reasons were unsuitable for blood thinning or other medical intervention, were fitted with these devices. The product which resembles a spider in shape was fitted in the inferior vena cava, which is a primary artery of the body. The concept behind the device was to capture any blood clots that may have been moving up from the lower body, preventing them from gaining access to the patient’s lungs, where they could be very dangerous.

The problem with the devices is that in many cases they appear to have become dislodged from their original position, and then either move towards the heart, where they can cause significant problems to the heart itself, or the surrounding tissue. Further problems have been found when the legs of the spider have broken off and then traveled around the body, before lodging themselves in arterial tissue or vital organs. The very devices that were supposed to assist patients could, in fact, be responsible for causing serious problems or even fatalities to the patients they were supposed to be helping.

IVC filters were only ever designed as a temporary measure, with the idea that they stayed inside the body for no more than three months. Research shows however than in the vast majority of cases, a very low percentage of these devices were able to retrieved from the patient’s body, creating a high risk to the patient.

In one particular case, the Plaintiff Olenda Holmes launched a lawsuit against Cook Medical in may 2016. In her case as a consequence of the devices tilting, she has developed deep vein thrombosis and will be on blood thinners for the rest of her life. The claims against the various companies are on the basis that they negligently, recklessly, wantonly, and carelessly failed to properly design and manufacture the IVC Filters.

If you are concerned that this issue may be affecting a member of your family or a close friend and want to learn more about this issue visit https://www.drugwatcher.org/ivc-filter-lawsuit/ for more in-depth information about the problems, advice, and guidance on what steps to take. A spokesperson for the website Derek Finch said, “we are both shocked and saddened to meet so many people who have been affected by these devices. Rather than helping the quality and standard of their life, these IVC filters have caused them significant problems. We are determined to highlight these issues, and assist people in whatever way we can by providing the appropriate information and guidance on our website.

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