From China Top Ranked Female Table Tennis Player Comes to America

This simple recognition has led to an exodus of Chinese talent — and no worry that it will take more than the wanderings of China’s second-tier athlete to save a sport so thoroughly dominated by one nation.

New York – China not only has the world’s best table tennis players but also will produce the best players on the rosters of many other national squads.

Ruthless dominance by one country of a sport isn’t unusual, of course, but China’s table tennis domination is on a different level. Some believe that for the sport to grow other nations must have some hope of winning on an international stage every now and then — and not just with outside Chinese talent.

Table tennis in China, notwithstanding what some see as a decline in its popularity, remains a source of national pride. A highly developed infrastructure precursor talented young athletes, often in kindergarten, and then grooms them into world beaters.

The success of this system is reflected in Olympic gold: China has won all but four gold medals since table tennis became an Olympic sport in 1988.

Before the 2012 Olympics in London, a rule change allowed each country to only put forward two players for singles. China rolled on regardless, winning all the golds and silvers for singles, and leaving bronze for the rest of the world.

The exodus of Chinese players is partly explained by the intense competition to make the national team with so much talent, many Chinese players must contemplate a move abroad for a shot at the Olympics.

The United States has one player who started their careers in China, Jenny Wu who is ranked 47th of top 100 women table tennis players in the United States. She played for Mississippi College and took her team to the national championship.

A major reason for China’s success in table tennis is intense, some might say obsessive, commitment to training; it also partially explains why some players leave.

“If you want to be a world champion, it is better to train in China,” Wu said in an interview posted on the USA Table Tennis website last year. “But if you want to have a balanced life and want to be happy and free, then training in the U.S. is better.”

Jenny is a world class table tennis player certified to coach Olympian level players within the United States. She has risen to the top of her field and will continue to rise. She is on the path of success within the U.S. and she will not stop until she can not accomplish anymore. So much has already been accomplished the rest is set to come. Jenny Wu world class player is taking over the women table tennis title one step at a time.

Keep your eyes open for this outstanding player, she is ranked, talented and ready to provide the training the United States needs to finally beat China in the nationals. “If you can not beat them join them,” says Jenny Wu. She is set to begin training future Olympian players to prepare for the big dogs. This is something that other countries have not thought of. Jenny will make contributions to the American Table Tennis Players without a doubt. 

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