US Coachways, Leading Nationwide Charter Bus Company, Endangers 50 Adult & Children Passengers This Past 2016 Thanksgiving Holiday

WALDORF, MARYLAND – 53 unsuspecting children and adults making the 6-hour road trip from Maryland to Ohio over the 2016 Thanksgiving Holiday weekend experienced a traumatic ordeal. While traveling on a US Coachways charter bus, # 604147, the passengers’ lives were endangered by the bus driver “Jason” reckless actions repeatedly, and intentionally.

In route to Ohio, the driver performed a dangerous swerve headed for direct collision towards the cliff bank walls of Pennsylvania and on-coming traffic, which left passengers screaming for their lives. Not only that, in addition, US Coachways drive “Jason”, hit a parked car, within an empty parking lot while adult and minor passengers were on board. Local authorities were called to the scene of the accident for a full public police report, which later revealed that the US Coachways driver “Jason”  was in violation of the Department of Transportation’s Summary of Hours of Service Regulations by driving over 12 hours in one given day.

What’s more, the driver used unauthorized electrical outlet wiring seen in the photos of this article, a brazen, dangerous move that is both a DOT and OSHA violation that could cause electrical fires and explosions from spills or other malfunctions with no means to relieve the balze on board, and more.

Even though the charter the group reserved and paid for in advance, and in full was confirmed several times via email by sales representative “Susan” to provide  local service, have safety, WiFi, electrical outlets required for passengers with a medical conditions, and an operational restroom, once the charter arrived at 2:00 am for 53 passenger, it was quickly discovered that US Coachways failed to have any of the items, US Coachways driver “Jason” placed the blame on US Coachways stating “It’s the company, they are always messing up reservations”. In fact, added to the passengers’ suffering the driver demanded that the 53 adult and children passengers hold their bowels for the 380 mile road trip stating “don’t do #2 on this bus, it’s only a 6-hour ride, you can hold it in”.

When passengers started to voice their frustration over his unprofessional behavior, the driver left all 53 passengers stranded. As they had no other means to continue their journey, passengers had to hire a local charter company, Candle Gold Star Tours for the first day event of their 4 day stay.

Numerous complaints were made to US Coachways dispatch and management via email and phone, requesting a new bus and driver. However, during communication with US Coachways’ dispatch personnel Porsha, Anthony and Crystal, all such requests were denied.

In an insulting move, the bus driver demanded overtime pay, for having cleared out the trash which was collected in passenger-provided bags by the passengers, and later dumped on the floors by the driver.

US Coachways illegally charged the charter group and its representatives, who plan to ask for their due diligence, seeking both compensatory and punitive damages. The group requested a full refund from US Coachways for the horrible service, failure to provide the items paid for, failure to disclose the lack of capacity, and endangerment. US Coachways has refused a refund.

The company that hired US Coachways believes it has a strong case against US Coachways, not only with 53 horrified witnesses, a police report from the scene of the accident, and photos, but, also this seems to be a common practice with US Coachways as there have been more than 91 recorded incidents of similar, nearly identical behavior, involving the same representatives by US Coachways drivers and its other employees. The company that hired US Coachways is sending a warning message to all consumers considering US Coachways for your travels, in an effort to allow you to make an informed decision when choosing.

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