“Libraries are under attack from the Koch Brother’s Funded PAC. Libraries need your help to fight back.”

December 12, 2016: EveryLibrary has announced that it will be raising funds via a crowdfunding campaign to stop Koch Brothers from coming after libraries. The Koch Brothers are using their AFP (Americans for Prosperity) initiative to work against libraries. Founded by David Koch in 2004, AFP has been opposing many political reforms and legislations including Medicaid, Climate Change Bill etc. and now they are coming after libraries. The funds raised by EveryLibrary will be used against the political brothers’ plans against libraries and the goal is set to raise $10,000 via this crowdfunding campaign.

Charles and David Koch have been working hard in the state of Illinois to cripple libraries by placing budget caps and shutting the doors of improvements for libraries. In addition, they have been working against public libraries in Kansas. The aims of the Koch Brothers are driven with political greed and vested interest and are intended to push America into the darkness of ignorance. EveryLibrary’s initiative will resist the politically driven Koch Brothers and will fight for the rights of libraries and knowledge in order to save the Americans from the menace of illiteracy and ignorance.

“I, and my colleagues at EveryLibrary passionately believe that the public library is the most American of institutions, and is the living expression of citizens coming together to share resources in service of the common good. It is the epitome of a shared civic space where all are welcome to pursue their own unique interests and learnings.” Said John Chrastka. He is the Executive Director at EveryLibrary and along with his team, John is determined to save American Libraries.

The attacks of Koch Brothers against libraries are an attack against America and the fundraising campaign launched by EveryLibrary is a chance for every American to save their libraries for the generations to come. Using politics against knowledge is a cheapest thing one can do and it should be considered an act against National Security. Americans having a heart against this cheap political move can make their generous contributions by donating on the following link:


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EveryLibrary is a nonprofit social welfare organization chartered to work on local library ballot initiatives.

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