Baker Brothers Piano Layout their map in the Asian Market

According to the report from financial observers, Becker Brothers Piano Company plans to invest and acquire an office building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which built in 2008, however, it still hasn’t disclosed the details of this scheme and funds. The spokesman of Becker Brothers Piano Company has confirmed this news and said the building acquisition in Kuala Lumpur is under negotiation and this acquisition plan is part of Becker Brothers global distribution. 

Becker Brothers Piano Company established in 1892 and founded by German-born pianist master, Jacob H. Becker. The company is committed to producing high-quality piano while providing personalized custom services for high-end customers. The company owns a variety of brands, such as Playernola, Bennington, Mellotone and other brands. Current CEO is Geoffrey Baker. 

Currently, the primary market of Becker Brothers Piano Company are the United States and Canada, and their product also been sold in Europe and Australian market. Analysts believe that the company is expecting to enter Asian piano market with this plan and return to the mass piano consumer market with the timber and human resources in Southeast Asia. Becker Brothers have achieved their business development based on custom piano. The company wasn’t taking any interests in the mass consumer market over the years. However, since May of this year, Becker Brothers has announced entering the Asian market twice and launched five new piano models. 

With the rapid expansion of the scale of Asia’s middle class, including Steinway and Bechstein, many of the Western piano brands have come to Asia to looking for new market, they hoping to inject new vitality into the sluggish domestic sales.

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