Comcast Changes the Way You Watch TV

New York- In a market where consumers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the typical cable company, Comcast TV has introduced an entertainment revolution.

Comcast has recently introduced Xfinity X1, a media platform which is capable of providing users the exact type of program they wish to watch. X1 is able to search across live TV, on-demand programming, and the users DVR library in order to find specific shows with ease.

While the Xfinity X1 by Comcast is capable of searching across multiple libraries, its individual components are better than those currently offered by your local cable company. The DVR which comes with the X1 is undoubtedly the best on the market. While other DVRs limit customers in terms of space and the number of shows which can be recorded at once, the X1 comes with 500 GB of space and can record up to five shows at once! With this type of flexibility, X1 has become a popular buying option for families looking to serve multiple users.

Besides having advanced search capabilities, X1 is also able to understand user search preferences and make recommendations. This means X1 not only has the ability to find specific programs, it can also help users find programs which fit personal preferences.

Outside of its chief functions, X1 is also able to attract customers with its unique features and social media aspect. For starters, X1 is equipped with a revolutionary speech function. While typical TV watchers struggle to keep up with the remote, Comcast designed a function where users can control X1 with the sound of their voice. In addition, only X1 allows customers to stream photos and videos from their smartphone onto the big screen. These photos and videos can even be shared with family members using the same platform.

While X1 is currently taking the entertainment world by storm, Comcast has also been praised for effective internet solutions and superior customer service. Comcast Internet is high speed, dependable, and cheaper than many options currently available to consumers.

Current and potential customers are recommended to contact Comcast with questions on how to obtain TV or internet service. Current customers can find practical information by visiting the Comcast home page and searching for “Comcast My Account.” 

While Comcast is making impressive strides with TV, internet, and email services, they are not the only company attempting to do so. is an essential source for the latest internet and TV innovations.

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