Twenty Economically Constrained Dominican Families Seek To Harness Solar Energy

December 12, 2016: Solar Power Inclusion Project has announced that it will be ending power shortage issues for at least twenty economically challenged families in the Dominican Republic. The initiative will be backed by a crowdfunding campaign that will help these families to get back on their feet. Power shortfall in the Dominican Republic is a common thing, and there is a strong need to shift towards alternative energy sources such as solar power.

The intense Dominican blackouts have made the fortunate families switch to electric generators and other alternative sources while leaving the poor families behind. This initiative is expected to change all that and will enable the less fortunate to conduct their everyday household business with power, in peace. It will help the families run their basic home appliances without any interruption and will improve their quality of lives.

The power grid fails all too often, but its prices are extremely high, nevertheless. The alternative sources of energy can be an option, but not for economically challenged families. And there’s another problem that concerns us deeply.” Said Jose Corniel, the author of Solar Power Inclusion Project. Jose has launched his project on The futuristic project is expected to change hundreds of lives in its early phases.

The Dominican Republic produces 46% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the region, contributing to very high levels of pollution in the Caribbean. Such solar power initiative will reduce this and will ultimately play a role in reducing global warming and the devastation of climate change and Greenhouse Emissions.

According to the author of this project, once the crowdfunding campaign is able to help those twenty families, the goal is to keep doing this noble work that will ultimately bring light to several thousands of poor households in the republic.

The campaign has being launched , and it’s seeking to raise $60,000 to purchase and install the first 20 solar panels for the first 20 homes. Generous contributors can play their role in bringing light to the lives of many by making their contributions by clicking the following link: on

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