Upscale Cooking Examines Essential Features of a Quality Chef’s Knife

Miamisburg, OH – Dec. 12, 2016 –Topping the list of secret tools of the trade for cooks is a chef’s knife. To help consumers make an informed purchasing decision, Upscale Cooking marketing officer, Szaffi Forillo is exploring the attributes to look for when purchasing a quality chef’s knife.

Every home cook or professional chef has a few essential go-to utensils in their kitchen that they’d never give up. It’s the secret to how they can quickly create food for an intimate dinner for two or craft elaborate cuisine for a dinner party of 12. An 8-inch chef’s knife is one of those tools.

The most important feature of a chef’s knife is the blade. The best blades are made from a quality metal like X50CrMoV15. A high-carbon stainless steel blade metal formula that is preferred for its durability, strength, and ability to hold an edge longer. It doesn’t require sharpening as often for a low-maintenance solution and the steel resists corrosion and staining after years of use.

Consumers should seek a chef’s knife with excellent weight and balance for a myriad of food preparation tasks. The knife blade should offer a superior level of control for the cook and help reduce hand and wrist fatigue while using it.

The knife handle should be designed to provide the chef with complete command while performing their kitchen tasks, from mincing herbs to disjointing poultry. Cooks and chefs will find that they typically use their chef’s knife for approximately 95 percent of their kitchen jobs and the knife should have a tapered spine and narrow profile that also alleviates user fatigue.

The cutting edge of the blade should be slightly rounded to facilitate the rocking motion that’s essential for the knife to cut efficiently and effectively without leaving the surface of the cutting board. Cooks should seek a bolstered design at the point where the handle meets the blade. It’s an area that provides a safe and convenient place to pinch grip the fingers while working with the knife.

Equally important is the handle. It should provide a secure grip for easy control whether the cook’s hands are wet or dry. Bamboo offers an elegant appearance and can be obtained through organic and sustainable methods that are environmentally-friendly.

Knowing what to look for in a chef’s knife makes the selection process much easier. Armed with the needed knowledge, cooks at any level of experience can make an informed decision when choosing a chef’s knife for years of reliable service.

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