EAGems announces their highly rated electronic digital caliper is now available through Amazon Canada

Company has been selling their measuring tool on Amazon.com for over a year, with outstanding reviews

EAGems has been selling on Amazon.com for about a year and a half. Their main Amazon product, an electronic digital caliper, was recently highlighted as the Top Rated digital caliper on the Amazon platform, and among their top ten best sellers.  EAGems digital caliper is now available for shipment to Canada through Amazon Canada warehouse as well.

 “It seemed only natural that the next step would be to open our products to the Canadian market. We have sold gems, minerals and rock-related products, such as agates and jaspers, online for over ten years through our website and on eBay.  Since the release of our caliper, we also offer a line of agate jewelry and polished stones on Amazon.  Those are available through Canada as well,” said Edward Hedgecock Co-owner of EAGems.

While many calipers are offered online, few can be found that are of the upgraded quality, and still at a competitive price, as that of the EAGems brand.  Theirs is all stainless steel which allows it to glide smoothly along the beam. It can be easily switched from millimeters to inches and even to fractions with the press of a button. Plus it has an IP54 rating, which indicates a higher degree of tolerance for liquid splashes, without ruining it.

A quick scan over the caliper’s reviews shows a majority of five-star ratings, and plenty of comments about the quality of the tool as well as the high level of customer service offered by EAGems.  According to Christopher C., “The best calipers for the money. I’m on a tight budget and can’t afford what some higher end calipers are going for. So far I am very impressed with the quality, the feel, and durability of these calipers. Emails from the seller checking in to see how the product is working out for you is a big plus! I would highly recommend this product.”     

The digital caliper is useful in various industries including for woodworkers, jewelers, modelers, automotive mechanics, etc. It can also be used in lapidary to deliver accuracy in measurement, when cutting and polishing stones.   

About EAGems
EAGems is a California-based company in the business of selling rocks, minerals, and gems.  They have recently expanded to include other types of ‘gems’ such as their digital caliper.  For more information, please contact 877-212-5318, media@eagems.com, www.EAGems.com

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Company Name: EAGems
Contact Person: Edward Hedgecock
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Phone: 877-212-5318
Country: United States
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