An Invention Easily Gets Rid of Bed Bugs

U.S. Patent 9220254 bas been granted to Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap LLC. Users of this patented technology confirm success immediately because people don’t need to search and kill any bed bugs behind a wall, under a floor, inside a mattress, or in an electronic. As a comparison, well-known methods must kill all of bed bugs and their eggs before claiming success. This article explains why right starving effort is far more efficient than any well-known killing methods for bed bug control.

Description of Invention

It builds a sticky barrier surrounding a bed. Its innovative design does not allow a bed sheet or a sleeper to touch the sticky barrier, but a bed bug must be trapped when it is passing through the barrier. This invention converts an entire bed into a trap with sleeper as inaccessible CO2 bait. Fabrics including bed sheet, blanket, and pillows are bed bugs free after heating in a laundry dryer. Approximately 99% bed bug feeding is at night, which is eliminated no matter how many bed bugs are in a mattress, a bed frame, or anywhere. It is also easy to eliminate the remaining 1% daytime feeding because exterminators don’t bring bed bugs to home.

Efficiency Comparison

It is difficult for people to search bed bugs without missing a single one. It is easy for every bed bug to detect CO2 from sleepers, search attacking routs in futile, and starve on the way for food without survivor. Traditional methods fail if a few of bed bugs survive. The innovative trap succeeds even no bug is killed or caught. It is nonsense to kill bed bugs at daytime, feed them with blood at night, and let a survived one lay up to 300 eggs. It makes sense to eliminate bed bug bites forever after one-time easy job no matter how many bed bugs are at home.

Mattress Encasement Is Obsolete

Kill-by-residual chemicals such as DDT have been banned. Available kill-on-contact chemicals do nothing to those inside a mattress. Most bed bug suffers either dump the mattress or use an encasement. The mattress encasement is as nonsense as a person camps outside a tent which has been used as a bush encasement to seal mosquitoes inside a bush. The invention eliminates bed bug bites as efficient as a tent eliminates mosquito bites. A mattress or a bush does not need any protection. Only sleepers need protection.

Heating Entire Room Is Obsolete

If bed bugs easily migrate from other apartments, an effort heating entire room must fail, but the invention still eliminates bites at cost lower than making a mattress encasement or dumping a mattress. No feed on day one is good enough to ensure no feed forever because bed bug population is usually at the highest level on day one. A requirement to heat every apartment to 120F for entire building is obsolete.

Bed Bug Life Expectancy

Bed bugs may live long at dormant in an abandoned house at freezing temperature. They starve quickly after they detect CO2 from sleepers and crawl for food in futile without dormant. Their short life can be confirmed by catching bed bugs into a glass jar without cap and leaving the jar in a bedroom. However, it is not important whether bed bugs can live for weeks or years because their feeding can be easily eliminated since day one.

Comparison between Well-known Methods and Invention
Vacuum, steam, and chemical methods suffer endless cycles of killing at daytime, feeding at night, and letting a survived one lay up to 300 eggs. The invention terminates the endless cycles easily and immediately with confidence as sure as bed bugs can’t crawl into a bathtub. Diatomaceous earth and dish-sized CO2 trap are difficult to kill bed bugs faster than they lay eggs. The invention succeeds even it does not catch any bed bug because how many bed bugs are killed or caught today does not significantly effect when the last bug starves.

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