Contemporary Hetian jade carving collections became bestsellersin Hong Kong autumn auction

The collections representedby the Three Treasures of Qianlong in the Imperial Palace were sold for high prices!

Throughout 2016 autumn auction of the collections in China, the collections belong to a wide range of categories, coverpainting and calligraphy in modern time of China,painting and calligraphy in ancient time of China, porcelain in ancient time of China,Chinese ceramics and craft boutique, etc..The auction companies come up with their special skills, the competitive products began to appear, making buyers’ enthusiasm high.The overall autumn auction atmosphere is good.The proportion of the calligraphy and painting is still large.Buddhist art continues to heat up.The investment on ceramic and jade collections is sound. The contemporary Hetian jade carving collections gradually become new favorites, and become bestsellers in the just concluded Hong Kong autumn auction.

The event photo of Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction

Hong Kong, as the most important Chinese art investment market, ushered in a new high tide

Hong Kong is the world’s most important Chinese art investment market, has a vast trading world.Its art auction has been known asthe wind vane ofAsian art market.Even though Hong Kong art auction is for so many years, few negative news is spread.The phenomenon of “fake shot”,”failed to sell”, and “the nominal prices”,is nearly extinct. Hong Kong auction industry has a very deep “auction details”, a high art market integrity index and a standard index, attaching importance to the “reputation” and “brand”, which is incomparable bythe mainland auction industry. Hong Kong auction market has become a standard to measure the strength of the auction companies. Hong Kong think 2016 China autumn auction festival as the most important Chinese art investment market, usher in a new high tide.

China Contemporary Memorial jade carving collections are recognized by international art market

The auction of contemporary artworksreached a peak in 2013. After then, the market has no obvious upward trend, even PolyHong Kongspring auction in this year, the auction of once high priced contemporary artworks is difficult to reach the expected reproduction.But in Baogangautumn auction, contemporary artworks have been growing louder, and gain greatly welcome.In the special show of Chinese ceramics and ancient jade, the proportion of the ancient jade articles is still large.Most of the artworks can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty. The Hetian jade collections with contemporary themesgathered a higher popularity and heat, and the turnover rate is up to 100%.

The transaction price of the “Three Treasures of Qianlong in the Imperial Palace” was up to 1 million 780 thousand yuan in Hong Kong international auction market.

“The Three Treasures of Qianlong in the Imperial Palace”, created by the Imperial Palace Museum, in order to celebrate for its 90 anniversary of the creation,perfectly presents palace art charm. Once appeared, was pursued by many buyers.The creation of these Three Treasures take “Overlord White Jade Seal”, “Loong-Phoenix Eggshell Jade Pot”, and “Auspicious Coiled Dragon Jade Bottle”, which belonged to Qiankong, who was the longestimperial in power, the longest imperial in age, the most prosperous emperor in fortune, as prototype. These Three Treasuresrepresent the essence of Chinese jade.And these jade artworks are with cultural meaning, and are with longevity and health sign, meaning good fortune and often with good luck.The starting price of “Three Treasures of Qianlong in the Imperial Palace” was 300 thousand yuan. The bidders gathered, and the atmosphere is very active. After a fierce competition for many buyers, the transaction price was up to 1 million 780 thousand yuan.

The transaction price of “Three Treasures of Qianlong in the Imperial Palace” was up to 1 million 780 thousand yuan

In the special show of Chinese craft boutique in Bangang international auction,many artworks gained buyers’ favorbecause of beautiful shape, fine texture. The buyers scrambled to raise the prices. The special show has a wide variety of jade, not only the antiquities of Ming and Qing Dynasties , but also contemporary competitive products.“The Aquarius of China Flying”, authorized by the Chinese Astronaut Center, issued by Beijing Imperial Palace Cultural Products, carried through the first auction in Hong Kong.The transaction price of the green jade version artwork was up to 550 thousand yuan, becoming another convinced proof that Hetian jade collections were guiding the new fashion of collection.

For thousands of years, the jade quietly writes history, inherit civilizationwith her own prosperity, decline, and change. In the autumn international auction, China contemporary Hetian jade carving collections were widely loved and expected by buyers , and had been recognized by the international art market.We believe that a new round of globalization of China contemporary art market is coming!

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