Rattan Sofa Increases Their Range Of Dining Furniture For 2016

If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your living space, you may be in luck. featureDECO, a company that specialises in importing outdoor furniture directly from the Far East, now has an extensive range of sofas and tables available, allowing customers to lounge and dine in the garden, all year long.

The company, which has more than a decade of experience in the business, has become something of an expert in stylish outdoor homeware. It designs furniture in-house, incorporating both the latest trends as well as tried and tested classic styles. It’s an approach, the firm says, that has proven popular with customers.

Rattan Garden Furniture

featureDECO sells sofas that finally make it possible for owners to relax, unwind and get comfortable while enjoying their garden. There are a range of sofa options available, from small 4-piece rattan sofa sets to larger cube designs to furniture specially made for conservatories. These include modular corner sofa sets, which can be fit in a variety of tight, garden spaces, as well as full-blown dining sofa sets, featuring high back corner furniture and a centre dining table. Because featureDECO is committed to offering customers versatility, it also sells multi-functional sets that can be rearranged to create chairs, loungers and even beds – if the weather calls for it.

There’s a keenly practical philosophy espoused by the company too, the best example of which are the “cube sets” – sets of tables and chairs that neatly pack away into a compact cube when not in use. Visitors to the company’s site can also design their own rattan furniture, using the company’s Modus modular and existing sets. Currently, the outlet is offering substantial discounts, up to 31 percent, on some furniture sets, with smaller discounts across other items in the rest of the garden range. 

Rattan Furniture Weaves

All of the company’s furniture is based around rattan, a material that is weaved into a pattern to create sofas, chairs and tables that are robust, weatherproof and value-for-money. Customers immediately notice the difference between rattan and conventional outdoor furniture materials, like wood or wrought iron. It has some give, for starters, making it possible to lounge for extended periods of time without feeling uncomfortable, as you might on a regular, wooden outdoor chair. It also has endurance, thanks to its PE construction, meaning that it can be left outdoors in all seasons and not lose its plushness or condition.

Currently, featureDECO offer seven different designs of this wonder material, to complement their range. These include weaves like Jet Black, Natural Whitewash and 8mm Half Moon Tri-Weave.

Rattan Quality

featureDECO is a company that takes the quality of its product very seriously. Every piece of rattan furniture imported, the company says, has to reach its strict, quality control standards to become part of its collection. To demonstrate its commitment to quality, it currently offers a five-year warranty on selected furniture to give customers peace of mind. You can find out more about featureDECO, as well as the furniture that it sells, on the company’s website.

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