The world largest fragrance Exhibition “XIUJUEXI” kicks off in Shanghai

On October 21 2016, Chinese company XIUJUEXI held the world largest Fragrance Exhibition in Shanghai. The purpose of the Exhibition is let the people appreciate the perfume culture without pressure to purchase. At the same time, they build a bridge between China perfume market and Niche perfume brand.

Exhibition Location

The exhibition held in Shanghai City, Hongkou District Duolun Museum of Contemporary Art. Duolun Road a famous cultural celebrities street in Shanghai, this is their second cooperation with the museum.

The Museum has three floor, there are 1000 bottles of perfume on the first floor, mostly for the mass market brand.

Then they placed 500 bottles of niche brand on the second floor, and takes 200 bottles of their own brand agency on the third floor, as well as guests of the booth and lectures.


2000 Perfumes

They put all the perfumes in glass cover, and audience could smell by funnels in front of the glass cover. The scent notes is wroted on funnels.

All the perfumes is from their prive collection.


The four guests they invited:



Famous Bloggers introduction

They have arranged two famous professional perfumes bloggers to introduce perfume culture to the audience. One is focus on brand story, and one is focus on perfume ingredients.

Brand Presentation

Each guests has 2 hours of presentation in front of these interested audience. Xiaotian, the translator host, is guaduated from ISIPCA and working in IFF now.

A very good opportunity for brands spreading in Chinese market.


They recruited 38 volunteers, from across the country more than two hundred fans were selected from the screening. Saturday and Friday they met heavy rains and typhoons, however, there are noboday absence. Very touching.


They arranged two full-time assistants for each guest, and the assistant is selected from the volunteers who are good at English. The assistant is responsible for helping the guests to solve all the problems of exhibition and life in two days, as well as to communicate with the Chinese audience in the exhibition.

For example, Cecile was curious about the taste of sweet scented osmanthus in China, the assistant girls googled for her nearby park to enjoy. She took the sweet osmanthus as the inspiration for the perfume.

When they passing the flower shop, Cecile asked two assistant girls to pick the gift for her girl friends. But finally the flowers is sent by the flower shop to assistant girls. Very sweet surprise.

Other guests were all very satisfied with the arrangement of the assistant, it is really helpful.



Media and Internet communication effect

TV station 

The event to get the initiative to Shanghai TV station, in the East TV “Oriental impression” produced in the production of the program.

Their documentary broadcasted in Channel Young of SMG.

Popular Idol

The exhibition also invited the popular idol Shao Mingming and Ge Weiyin came to attendance, two of them in Chinese micro-blog respectively have 750 thousand fans and 1 million 400 thousand fans. Shao Mingming broadcast live introduce our event for 3 hours. More than 10 thousands fans watch the event online.

Their live broadcast of Shao Mingming and fans interactive gift giving , signed by the brand side.


Shao Mingming                       Popular Idol Ge Weiyin



Online shopping

There are dozens of online shopping anchor broadcast live fragrance exhibition, their products can be purchased directly at the same time to watch live online, which let them achieved online sales more than two thousand orders.

Brand product packaging

XIUJUEXI have their own independent designers. They design and repackaging products according to the needs of the brand and Chinese market.     

For example, MDCI, they’re designed the label and brochures.

After presentations, audience are buying and asking for signature.


Media Contact
Company Name: Shanghai Beilei Trading Company, Ltd.
Contact Person: Miya Shen
Phone: 86 021 57746128
Country: China