Ayurleaf Herbals’ Arthitex Effective for Treating Arthritis

Ayurleaf Herbals, a leading provider of premier ayurveda products to customers across the globe, has on its virtual shelves a product called Arthitex, which has been seen to be a highly effective treatment for those suffering from arthritis.

Ayurleaf Herbals is one of India’s most popular suppliers of high quality ayurvedic supplements and has been in the market since 1989. Since the last few months, it has been providing an arthritis treatment supplement called Arthitex, which has been seen to be a very effective treatment for those suffering from arthritis. Such natural remedies for joint pain are always a better choice of arthritis treatment.

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Arthritis is a very common problem experienced by the middle aged women today. It affects the joints and knees and causes severe pain. Arthitex is a natural treatment for arthritis to keep the painful problem at bay. This strong polyherbal formulation has helped many people to deal with their joint pain and overcome the disorder successfully.

When a company spokesperson was questioned about how Arthitex works, he disclosed – “Arthitex helps to restore the optimum functioning of the joints and cartilages in the body and prevents it from breakdown by stimulating the release of lubricating fluids. By nourishing the joints, it promotes flexibility. Arthitex helps in removing the ama (which is a toxic by-product of improper digestion that causes arthritis) from the weaker areas of the body.

Prepared using handpicked herbs, which have several benefits for the human body, this herbal supplement for joint pain gives the much-required mobility and flexibility to the joints, thus treating and healing them from the painful situation. With natural herbs like Guggal, Nirgundi and Kuchala, it’s 100% safe to use without any long term effect. Check out the other ingredients that go into preparing Arthitex here.


Answering a media person’s question about the other benefits of Arthitex, the spokesperson went on to say – “Arthitex also has anti-oxidant properties and neutralizes the free radical induced damage of joints, also reducing the swelling. It also lowers uric acid levels in blood and is useful in the gout. It gives strength to the nerve fibers which helps in reducing pains. It also relaxes the muscles and reduces the temperature of the joints, providing natural arthritis treatment.

Arthritis patients who are willing to try ayurvedic herbal supplements should certainly give Arthitex a try to experience its miraculous effects.

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