VOGUE Magazine Features Bobbi Brown’s New “Remedies” Plant-Based Skin Care Line and Consultant Joshua Geetter L.Ac. of Medicine Ranch in Telluride, Colorado.

TELLURIDE, CO – 12/13/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The December 2016 issue of VOGUE magazine includes a feature article in the Beauty & Skincare section titled “Feed Your FACE” by VOGUE’s Plum Sykes about Bobbi Brown’s new line of plant-based herbal skin care tonics.  “Remedies” was created by New York cosmetics mogul, Bobbi Brown, with consultation by Joshua Geetter, MSAOM, L.Ac., a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Acupuncturist, and co-founder of Medicine Ranch – a clinic and apothecary located near Bobbi’s vacation home in Telluride, Colorado.

“I was honored when Bobbi asked me to consult for Remedies” says Geetter.   Brown and Geetter have known each other clinically and as friends and have furthered the discussion in natural  health and beauty for more than a decade.

Geetter’s partner and Co-Founder of Medicine Ranch, Judy Godec, has been working with botanical based beauty and skin care since studying with distillers and perfumers in France in the early 1980’s.  Godec’s company Venus & Vetiver  is on the cutting edge of elevated and effective natural beauty and skin care.  Godec’s work informed how Geetter consulted on Remedies.  As a threesome, Brown, Geetter and Godec continue the fertile cross pollination of each other’s work.  

While Vogue focuses on ferments, that is just a subset of Remedies which in turn is a subset of  a larger discussion drawing from a deep well of botanical medicine, modern and ancient.

One such development of this association is the founding of “Medicine Ranch” retail, clinic and production facility  in Telluride which opened in 2015.  Visitors to the Medicine Ranch retail space in Telluride can take in the overall beauty of the salves, elixirs, tinctures, hydrosols, gemstones, essential oils, soaps, herbs, and other beauty and skin care products.  In the back of the house is Geetter’s oriental medical clinic and herbal production facilities where he sees patients and crafts his medicine.  Together, Geetter and Godec have made Medicine Ranch a place that welcomes people from all walks to pursue optimum health and vitality.  Medicine Ranch products are also available online at http://www.acupuncturetelluride.com/shop.  The company along with its range of products and services is growing and turning out effective natural products at a prodigious rate. “There’s so much more to come from our crucible and laboratory deep in the mountains”  says Geetter.   As Medicine Ranch catches the attention of Bobbi Brown and Vogue, this is an enterprise to watch.

See Judy Godec of Medicine Ranch on Youtube:  https://youtu.be/TfF89LcSEU0

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