FlickGraph Software: A Powerful Software that Helps User Creates Cinemagraphs Quickly and Easier

Are you thinking of a way to make cinemagraphs although you do not have much knowledge about video making process? If the answer is yes, then FlickGraph is the perfect product for you. It is affordable and comes with a lot of unique functions.

Nowadays social media has become the most popular method to gain audience and customers. Millions of people are leaving the traditional way of advertising behind and are accepting the modern technique of advertising – the social media marketing. Now catching the attention of potential customers are important and in this fast moving world you cannot create a full-length video to communicate with your audience. Traditional images barely catch attention. For this purpose, marketers can use Cinemagraphs.

Most of the famous brands have already started using the Cinemagraphs. Marketer are increasingly starting to use this amazing idea to get noticed in the crowd. But it is not an easy task to create quality Cinemagraphs. You need tools for that. FlickGraph software helps you to create Cinemagraphs that are meaningful and beneficial for your business. The benefits of the FlickGraph software are:

  • 117% CTR (Click-Through Rate) increase
  • You can reduce the CPC (Cost per Click) by 41%.
  • Increases the traffic to your site by increasing the engagement rate by 9 times
  • Enables you to get more leads
  • Gives you eye-catching Cinemagraphs that can be used anywhere like in your blog, email or eCommerce site.
  • The number of shares is increased
  • Not cloud-based which means you do not have to be connected to the internet to create Cinemagraphs.
    • Saves your money and time without compromising on the results.

How to create a Cinemagraph using FlickGraph software?

To create a Cinemagraph you may need days and without the experience in technical and graphic design technologies it is going to be difficult. If you hire a professional, you will end up spending $200 for one Cinemagraph. But do not worry, FlickGraph has developed great software to help you in creating Cinemagraphs easy and fast. You just have to follow the below steps using the FlickGraph software.

Step 1: Instead of taking photos, to create Cinemagraphs you have to record videos. Import the video from your computer. You can use any video recording to make Cinemagraphs. Example: hair moving in the wind, candle fire etc.

Step 2: The video will be converted to the desirable format. Take the slider to the frame which you want to use as the static part (background).

Step 3: Remove the part of the frame where you want the video to keep looping. That is it the Cinemagraph is ready. You can just export this to anywhere.

The FlickGraph software is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. You just need 4GB RAM and enough storage space on your computer. You can buy FlickGraph software for a discounted price and this offer is only for a limited period of time. To avail the services of this software you only have to spend a one-time payment. Once you buy the copy of the FlickGraph software you can download it directly to your computer and start working with it. With a single license, you can install this software on two computers.

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