A Running Belt is the Perfect Gift for Runners, Walkers and Athletes

“”The Running Belt Max brand running belt is the perfect gift for runners, walkers, hikers and nearly all other athletes.””
If you’re still looking for a gift this holiday season for the impossible-to-buy-for friend or family member who’s active, a running belt may be the solution.

A running belt, also known as a running waist pack, is a fitness accessory that most athletes enjoy once they begin using one. These fitness fanny packs are a convenient way to carry essential gear while walking and exercising.

However, running belts look nothing at all like their fanny pack cousins of yesteryear.

They are low-profile, and some, like the Running Belt Max, are sweat and water resistant. They can be quite stylish, and can be concealed underneath clothing if desired. Running belts are usually preferred over armbands due to their larger carrying capacity, thus, offer a better solution to having essentials secured and nearby. Items such as a cell phone, keys, money, medications, make up and more can be carried, but without adding a lot of bulk while on the track, trail or in the gym.

The Running Belt Max is one of Amazon’s best-selling running waist packs. It was released one year ago, and it’s selling better than nearly all other running belts on Amazon.com, and even better than the big-name brands.

The secret to the success of the Running Belt Max, is likely due to the company’s attention to detail in creating it— which took nearly six months of design and research. It can easily hold today’s large cell phones and phablets, such as the iPhone 6 / 7 Plus, the Galaxy Note 7, and many more.

We asked the president of Running Belt Max, Dave Chandler (Twitter @planetmindbody), what makes him stand out from the competition.

“Our success formula is not complex”, said Chandler. “We simply asked runners and fitness gurus what they wanted in a running belt, and then we created the Running Belt Max around their ‘check list’.”

Running Belt Max.com also offers a lifetime guarantee, something that no one else offers. This is how confident they are in the quality of their product. They also include two free gifts with every purchase: a water bottle holder, which is an easy way for walkers and hikers to carry their water hands-free. Also, an eBook titled: “What Everybody Ought to Know: the Right and Wrong About Running, Health and Fitness.”

Dave Chandler gives 5% of all proceeds to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps disabled athletes to particpate in sports and phystical activities. The CAF website is: www.challengedathletes.org

The Running Belt Max is a holiday gift that’s sure to become essential gear for runners and for people on the go, and it’s currently on sale at nearly 60% off. To purchase the Running Belt Max while supplies last, or to find out more information, visit their Amazon product page directly here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B017CVEPBE or visit their website at: www.RunningBeltMax.com.

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