SWOPS on every woman\’s foot. Interchangeable sandals

Ken Dale of Ottawa, Canada is seeking CA$35,000 ($26,344 USD) in a Kickstarter.com pledge campaign to startup his new SWOPS International shoe-ware idea by Jan. 15, 2017. With 38 days to go, he has no backers.

“SWOPS is a proudly Canadian Company,” Dale stated, “with four core principles in mind – comfort, style, versatility, and choice. Then we added in ‘the fun factor.’”

The marketing concept driving this innovative idea is a sandal with interchangeability that allows the buyer to exercise a little of their own designer creativity. The customer buys buy four types of sandal bases, each one made from an EVA material. “These SWOPS bases will be the most comfortable sandal you’ve ever worn.” 

In addition, SWOPS International offers a variety of laces that can be worn then removed from the base and replaced by another one to create a whole new fashion look. There are two lace styles – short and gladiator – in a variety of colors.

“Choose your ‘Lace,’” Dale stated. “Our comfortable four-way Spandex/Lycra blend SWOPS laces offer ultimate choice and comfort for every individual’s personal style.”

Step three in completing this innovative shoe-ware ensemble is the selection of bling, four styles of connectors that help the buyer weave lace over their feet and up the legs.

“Choose your ‘Bling,’” Dale said. “Timeless, wear anywhere jewelry adds ‘fun’ctionality to your look. We are consistently testing and sourcing new jewelry. Check our website for the latest styles available.”

A pledge can be made for any amount of course, but for CA$ 150 ($133 USD), the backer would receive a reward of Receive 2 pairs of SWOPS bases (The Flat & The Wedge) and 2 different pairs of laces (Short Lace and a Gladiator).

“Interchangeable sandals deliver countless looks,” Dale said. “Pack one pair; wear many different looks when traveling – comfortable, fun, versatile.”

According to Dale, a long lead time (4-6 weeks) from order to delivery is the only drawback he can foresee in his product. “Being delivered from China, individual products require larger orders to ensure constant supply to satisfy sales demand.”

As a successful entrepreneur, Dale is the owner of several large established companies such as the International ‘Uber Style’ app called TouchPlow. In addition to this, he owns the nation’s largest residential snow company with sales in excess of 4 million annually. He is the former owner of a successful Advertising/Marketing Agency.

Go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1618424712/swops-on-every-womans-foot-interchangeable-sandals?ref=user_menu for more information or to make a pledge. Or, visit swopssandals.com.

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