Lithium Batteries Now Last the Lifetime of Your Smoke Detectors

New Jersey Electrical Contracting Company Keeping Homeowners Safe with New Technology

December 13, 2016 – Wave Electric Co. is New Jersey’s number-one electrical service for indoor & outdoor lighting, electrical service panel upgrades, recessed lighting, pools & hot tubs, and—perhaps the most essential to home safety—smoke detection. Their team of electricians can supply homeowners with durable, long-lasting detection that will greatly reduce the risk of death or injury via residential fire. But while their detectors are already longer lasting, they continue to work for years thanks one small yet essential feature—lithium batteries.

Let’s face it; replacing smoke detection batteries twice a year is a needless endeavor. It costs money, disrupts detector performance, and misuses otherwise perfectly capable batteries. But smoke detectors from Wave Electric Co. come equipped with lithium batteries designed to last up to 10 years. In fact, homes in the states of Oregon, Louisiana, and Michigan now require by law that smoke detection be powered by a 10-year 9v lithium battery. And thanks to service from Wave Electric Co., New Jersey is getting in on the action one home at a time.

The benefits of owning such a durable battery are, at first glance, obvious. You have long-lasting protection that will pick up on the slightest traces of smoke in your home, thanks to a battery that will provide unwavering power. But a closer look reveals some long-term benefits as well. Lithium batteries prove to be a time-saver in eliminating the process of battery replacement, meaning the homeowner doesn’t necessarily have to go out of their way to ensure the power of their detector isn’t faltering.  There is also the added benefit of a reduced risk of fires or smoke inhalation for a longer period of time, potentially resulting in improve property resale value.

However, the team at Wave Electric Co. also wants to remind homeowners that even though lithium batteries will guarantee longer-lasting performance, it doesn’t mean they can forget about their smoke detector altogether. Homeowners are still recommended to test their detector at least twice a year to ensure the best performance, preferably during daylight savings time. In addition, smoke detectors should be replaced altogether every ten years, as they become less effective in detecting traces of smoke once they reach past a certain age. Lithium batteries will also last for 10 years for ionization smoke detectors and 7 years in photo electric units.

If you want to be provided with a smoke detector equipped with these lithium batteries, please call Wave Electric Co. today at 732-924-5230 for electrical service.

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