Civil rights attorney creates online resource

The Brown Firm, a DC Metro area-based law office, offers new online resources for civil rights law and provides experienced civil rights legal services.

Alexandria, VA – The Brown Firm PLLC has created a new online resource for information regarding civil rights law. Civil rights is a specialized area of law that deals with discrimination and infringement of rights. The law in these areas can be complicated and is often misunderstood by employees as well as employers. For this reason alone, having an experienced civil rights attorney can be critical to success when making a legal claim. The Brown Firm’s online resources provide information about the laws themselves from the 1964 Civil Rights Act to the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Information is also available there about what types of infractions can be cause for suit. The web pages also illuminate the kinds of damages and remedies a person might be entitled to.

The Brown Firm also offers resources and has experience in other areas of employment law. Their website has information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), breaches of employment contracts, the Family and Medical Leave act, wage disputes, and whistleblower litigation. They have particular experience with legal issues specific to Virginia and DC, including employment discrimination, wrongful termination, payment and collection laws, and non-compete laws. Their legal blog offers a wealth of news and in-depth looks into specific issues related to civil rights litigation and other areas of the law.

In addition to employment law and civil rights, The Brown Firm has expertise in other areas of the law. They work with cases from criminal defense and civil litigation to traffic defense and premises liability. Detailed information about the many different types of cases involved with each one of these areas can be found on their website, and they have experience representing defendants in all types of cases.

The Brown Firm has offered legal services to the Alexandria, Virginia and DC Metro Area for over 65 years. Their principal attorney, Christopher E. Brown, has a reputation as a talented litigator and carries on the legacy of his grandfather, Edwin C. Brown Sr, who was himself a champion of civil rights. The Brown Firm is located at 526 King Street, Suite 207, Alexandria, VA 22314. They can be reached by phone at 703-828-0900. More information is available on their website at


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