The Ruins Debuted ‘Christmas Medley’ Just In Time for Christmas 2016

Atlanta, Ga — Inspired to share the Christmas Spirit with the world, The Ruins unveiled Christmas Medley just in time for Christmas. This project introduces The Ruins’ take on holiday classics mixed with their creative interpretation.

Comprised of Debra Black and Victor Gonzalez, The Ruins is a duo of dynamic passion, musical excellence, and unparalleled creativity.

Their original music strays from cleverly-written, emotive-alt/pop anthems and their songs meet the listener wherever they are. And while working on the Christmas Medley, with songs from the greats, they maintained their essence of intellect and meet their fans in a place of peace and artistic tranquility.

“We picked some of our favorite songs for the medley,” says Debra Black. “Songwriters love telling a good story, and what better story to tell than that of what Christmas really is about.”

They both love Christmas and believe it’s called “the most wonderful time of the year” for a specific reason. “I think beyond the festive nature of the holiday; it’s a time to remember what is most important. We focus on giving presents to each other, not just looking out for ourselves. It reminds me of why we gift each other; it’s because we have been given the greatest gift at Christmas: Love and life, joy and peace,” adds Debra.

And Victor Gonzalez agrees. “If I were to try and describe what Christmas means to me in one or two words I would say first, it means hope and not just hope for me, but hope for everyone. Second, Christmas means love, but not your typical red-hearts and flowers kind of love. A real, authentic, unconditional love that we are all capable of producing and sharing with the world,” he says.

Reflecting on the souls of the creative minds behind The Ruins, these two artists who know how to ebb and flow, give and take, while balancing reality with hope.

“We want our music and our interpretation to be the catalyst for our journey and story,” says Victor. Like brushstrokes on a canvas, the Christmas Medleyadds stillness and depth, where aunique production meets seamless vocals, leaving the listener wanting more.

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