Marketplace for Africa Opens News Vistas of Opportunities for Local and Foreign Entities

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 – ‘Marketplace for Africa’, powered by International Marketing Consulting (IMC), is an independent project aimed at bringing hard working individuals from Africa closer to their goals and expectations from all over the world. The campaign is a well-planned move to allow students, workers, startup business etc. from various African regions in sending word out to investors, and prospects so that they may contact these said individuals for future opportunities.

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‘Marketplace for Africa’ is a dedicated campaign designed to promote organizations, offices, and companies from Africa, and especially Cameroon, to gain exposure across the world for trade, work, and education related benefits.

For instance, top level students with good grades are featured at the website to highlight their CV and intentions regarding their objectives. This will enable interested sponsors, or “donors with charities” to establish contact with these students for scholarships or job related opportunities.

As from business perspective, IMC is running a dedicated web channel where African companies are showcased to help allow their work to be seen across the internet. This will not only connect such businesses with the right partners from other regions, but it will also boost the African economy by an exponential level.

The diligent workforce behind Marketplace for Africa foresees the future in the form of African economy diversifying at an independent level, an increase in scholarship and job rate for students, strength in trade B2B and B2C channels and overall a premature level of exposure to the world out there.

A spokesperson for Marketplace for Africa said, “Our mission is to facilitate the trade between Africa and other countries. We are here to connect: B2B and B2C buyers with outside sellers, traders with agents, graduate students with universities and employers, sport talents with sports clubs, wholesalers, distribution and retailers with manufacturers, entrepreneurs with investors, the public with service providers and donors with charities.”

About International Marketing Consulting (IMC):

The International Marketing Consulting is a reputable marketing and advertisement agency. The company publishes dedicated articles and launches appropriate campaigns to highlight relevant trade, education, and business related opportunities in Africa. As a result, prospects from other parts of the world can then connect with these individuals and small businesses on their own terms, and at their own pace.


About Marketplace for Africa:

Marketplace for Africa is an online campaign run by the management team at International Marketing Consulting (IMC). The idea of this online platform is to expose decades of African on-ground experience from local colleges, businesses, offices etc. to be heard and seen across the world. The resulting response is foreseen as longstanding relationship and work prospects for both parties involved in any activity throughout the tenure of their agenda.


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