Smile Heating & Cooling Inc. Offers Solutions for Plumbing and Heating in Regina

Protection Plans and Dependable Emergency Services Contribute to Customers’ Comfort.

One of the biggest mistakes residents in Regina make is to assume that their heating and plumbing is in good condition to withstand the winter months. They don’t realize until it is too late that just because everything was working fine last year, it isn’t in prime condition this time around. Although it isn’t possible to foresee every problem that might happen in the future, preventative maintenance costs a lot less than the repairs that are needed when problems aren’t caught and fixed early. That’s why the range of services provided by Smile Heating & Cooling Inc. are so important for both maintaining and repairing plumbing and heating in Regina during the cold winter months.

Homes and businesses are especially vulnerable during the weekends and holidays when no one is at home or work. Owners often turn down the thermostat to save on energy while the building is not in use. All it takes is one frozen pipe to lead to a flood that could cause extensive damage.

Even if the heat is left on at an acceptable temperature, it isn’t unusual for a breakdown to occur at the worst possible time. When they do, Smile Heating & Cooling Inc. offers 24/7 emergency plumbing and heating in Regina so that the problem can be addressed quickly and the damage minimized as much as possible.

The best way to avoid problems from occurring with either the plumbing or heating this winter is to sign up for a Smile Protection Plan ( These plans require a low monthly fee, include free maintenance of equipment, and there is no charge for emergency calls. There are no surprises that end up costing hundreds of dollars at the worst possible time.

A lot of prevention goes into preventing plumbing- and heating- related emergencies during the winter, but even the best of care doesn’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong. With a Smile Protection Plan, anything that occurs with the plumbing and heating in Regina homes will be covered. Homeowners never have to worry about paying for repairs again. It’s like having insurance for the home, only without the high premiums and deductibles that make home protection unaffordable for so many owners. It’s the type of service that makes homeowners want to smile!

About Smile Heating & Cooling Inc.

Smile Heating & Cooling Inc. ( was founded by Genadi Kahanovich, an HVAC professional with more than ten years of experience in the industry. Genadi has a wealth of knowledge about the HVAC business and a genuine desire to provide each client with the best possible experience. This true consideration for each client and the primary goal of providing quality service and having every customer smile has led to the great customer satisfaction Smile Heating and Cooling has earned for their plumbing, air conditioning, and heating services in Regina. Customers know that Smile’s really cares about their comfort.

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