Indie filmmaker, Bill Cox, releases dark comedy feature film “Beer & Seed” on Amazon

Fans can rent or buy movie with a money back guarantee policy

Today, Indie filmmaker Bill Cox announced the release of his dark comedy feature film on Amazon. The film, which portrays a veteran who wanted to start over in life by attending college, stars Tom Combs and Bill Cox, and directed by Seth Conway. The film exposes college vices that militate against the hero’s ambition, in a humorous and lively way. It is an engaging dark comedy with realistic and believable characters that portray real life situations on campus. The hero’s interactions with college fellows lay the perfect opportunity for resounding humor. Fans can watch the trailer on YouTube and purchase or rent on

“As a veteran, I understand how difficult it can be to blend with college life. My intention is to make a comedy that is true to life and yet very entertaining and funny. I am inspired by Donald Trump to not only make America great again, but also make great films in America again, so I’m standing behind mine, said Bill Cox, the film writer, and producer.

Bill Cox plans to do what no one has ever done, in the film industry, by putting a “money back guarantee” on the film. He gets $0.50 for every rental, and if someone doesn’t like it, they can contact him on Facebook and he will PayPal them $0.50 and thank them for giving indie films a chance. Also being a veteran, Bill plans to offer his film free to service personnel and veterans.

“I don’t get the chance to watch many movies due to work commitments, but I have to say I’m glad I watched this indie gem. I thought it was amusing and I was impressed by the performances in the film. For me, this film was fresh and unique, which has restored my faith in indie films,” said Chuck G, a fan.

Beer & Seed is a refreshing take on humor that tends to express reality along the way. It is fit for multiple generations, with a great plot, memorable soundtrack, and a funny lead cast. It serves as a reminder of college life for those who has been to college and as a guide for those who are planning to go to college.

“I enjoyed this film, the performances were great, and there were some funny parts. While it was funny, I also thought it was quite edgy, and because of this, it stands out from the crowd for me. Definitely worth watching, said Skyfox, a fan.

The film also portrays supporting actors like Dessa Erica, Dan Lewis, Roger Eduardo Palomino, Andrew Peacock, Jeff Raines, Endicott Sawyer, Jon Sick, Christine Thuy Nga Tran, Jessica Vasquez.

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Bill Cox is an indie filmmaker, writer and military veteran. His dark comedy, Beer & Seed exposes college vices like drinking, drugs, and bullying, that stands in the way of acquiring success in academia. For more information, please contact 832-444-5077,

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