Millionaire Motivez Announces Launch of Their Website and Inspirational Clothing / Accessory Line

Millionaire Motives, an e-commerce retailer, has just launched its website and inspirational apparel line. T-shirts are the primary focus, but the brand is simultaneously featuring pillows, hats, and coffee mugs that all feature a range of inspirational quotes targeted specifically at the entrepreneur. There is a growing number of freelancers, flex workers, business start-ups, and digital nomads who are attempting to grow their businesses and can use some like-minded apparel to keep them motivated. The website also features a blog with motivational articles and writings from the company’s founder Glen Pierce.

The company’s mission seeks to motivate and encourage entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. Pierce has personally experienced the difficulty of starting a business from scratch. He sought out the wisdom of others who had become successful and he has put together a clothing line that features the foresight of these savvy professionals.  “I know there are a lot of other struggling entrepreneurs out there who are desperately trying to grow their businesses and could use the motivation.”  His personal experience makes him uniquely qualified to inspire others, “I believe I can make a difference in the start-up business owner’s life, and I want to help. . . . I am here to motivate you because I understand you and your struggle, because I have been there.”

These products will appeal to any entrepreneurs, and anyone who is struggling to overcome obstacles in their lives. Wearing a T-shirt with a motivating slogan may indeed remind someone that their dreams are worth the sacrifices and difficulties they are facing. Here is an example of one of the company’s ads and a small sampling of the shirts:

Pierce sums up his company’s mission with the following statement, “I believe that entrepreneurs can change the world for the better . . . . I am here to create designs that will give you the guts to go onward with your dreams. I want to motivate you to get beyond the obstacles in your life and to finally start or to grow your business.”

Anyone interested in finding more information about Millionaire Motivez or contacting Glen Pierce directly can send an email to Their new website can be found at: The company has a presence on Facebook at: and on Instagram at: 

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