WP Site Guardian – A New Generation Safety Plugin Monitors Your Website 24/7 for Apprehensive Usage and Blocks Common Detects Automatically

WP Site Guardian

WP Site Guardian comes with a top security plugin and monitors all the visitors 24/7 and if it finds any suspicious usage, it automatically blocks standards exploit attacks and attempts.  If it detects any suspicious activity, then the IP will immediately block the hacker, and the hacker will be banned. WP Site Guardian stops the exploit from performing and also make them stop all other hacking attempts.  This software helps you eliminate both exploiter and the bad user and helps you reduce the risk of getting hacked. This is the only program that is available on the market that offers dynamic protection against future and current exploits as it checks the visitor’s behavior instead of the attack code.  

How does it work?

You can get this awesome WP Site Guardian and install it in your system. Once you install the plugin, the first step is to activate it.  After you have activated the plugin successfully, then it is ready to monitor your visitors and find suspicious activity by monitoring 24/7. If it finds any suspicious user who is trying to exploit your account, then this WP Site Guardian will identifies them quickly and it immediately sends a notification through email warning of the future attack.  After notifying you, it will immediately find the IP address and it will instantly block it. Also, it will block the hacker from getting access to your site and not just that, but it also shuts down all other activities that stop further hacking attempts.

WP Site Guardia Features:

–          Carefully Written WP plugin

–          Simple 2-click setup

–          Blocks SQL, XSS, Directory and Header exploits

–          Get Quick hacking alerts

–          Blocks automatically by observing user behavior

–          Complete Tutorial Videos

–          12-hour, daily and also weekly backups

–          Works perfectly with all main page builders, security, membership and cache plugins

WP Site Guardian is a monitoring plugin and it is a good monitor for your site.  It can easily detect any suspicious activity by any user, and it will immediately send warning alerts in your email.  The main aspect of this monitoring plugin is it is designed to provide essential alerts if any user is trying to hack your personal websites.

WP Site Guardian offers maximum safety against attacks; it protects the websites by blocking any kind of suspicious activity or attempts made by the hackers. However, if the hacker knows that your site is protected, then they will try to find the name of the plugin and try to exploit even more intelligently. But, when you have WP Site Guardian installed, then it can instantly block the IP of the hacker and significantly ban the hacker to involve further in exploiting.

WP Site Guardian offers virus free website. Some websites use small files just to remember the preference and choices of the specified site.  As they are like any other files, they can be easily get attacked by a virus.  This WP Site Guardian contains a scanning mechanism that can scan these cookies and keeps your websites virus free.

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