Performance Fluids to challenge Dupont and Klueber

A small company in Nelson, UK –Performance Fluids, is challenging the global giants of the PFPE lubricant world.

Manufacturing unique and effective PFPE based lubricants for use in marine, aerospace, industrial and nuclear applications is an incredibly demanding market as the performance of the lubricants required is critical to equipment efficiency and effectiveness; particularly with the amount of investment at stake in such applications.

However, Performance Fluids has created PFPE lubricants designed to operate in a huge variety of conditions under their flagship PerFluoroLube® brand.

PerFluoroLube® lubricants can be used at temperatures ranging from -80°C to +280°C; whilst BAM ratings on selected grades can operate from a minimum of 80 bar up to as high as 450 bar for extreme pressure applications.

Performance Fluids have been developing their products since 2000; however, for their reason to enter the market, Business Development Manager, Liam Murphy said, “we understand from a variety of industries using PFPE lubricants, there is a need for less “off the shelf” products and more bespoke solutions to customer problems.”

To specialise a PFPE to a particular application there are many ways to create the perfect PFPE lubricant. In their original state, PFPEs are used as fluid lubricants, however they can be thickened to use as a grease which is typically done using PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). These fluids are the key to any PFPE lubricant as different fluids provide a wide range of properties to the final lubricant.

To understand how to achieve the right constituent of component require a level of expertise that not many PFPE lubricant manufacturers in the market have, Performance Fluids believe they have this expertise.

Below are examples of work carried out and lubricants manufactured by Performance Fluids to meet unique applications:

  • PerFluoroLube® 22/6 is used on a lighting beacon bearing which operates in extremely cold conditions. This lubricant was perfect due to the immediate requirements of successful operation in extremely low temperatures without the need to withstand extreme loads;

  • PerFluoroLube® 20/1 is used as an assembly lubricant for diver breathing regulators; ensuring that the materials used that are potentially exposed to corrosion are protected and that the oxygen present in the regulator is not at risk to potentially exploding due to high pressure;

  • PerFluoroLube® 17/2 used in a wide variety of paper and textile machinery, including corrugating machine rolls, to ensure consistent operation for extended periods (3 months at a time), under extreme loads and thermo-mechanical stress.

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